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See Catatumbo lighteningin Maracaibo, Venezuela

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You can watch lightning strike over Lake Maracaibo for 10 hours in a row.
How to see Catatumbo lightening in Maracaibo
When rainy season sets in Venezuela, clouds thicken and lightnings start playing in the sky illuminating the whole west region.

The main epicentrum of splashes - mouth of the Catatumbo River (hence the name of the lightening) that is in the south west of the lake.

Catatumbo Lightning, Maracaibo

How to do?

1. Splashes of lightning are seen in a radius of about 400 kilometers - you can watch them at any point round the lake. Along the Catatumbo river you can rent a boat and bungalows for overnight. In Merida town (a 2,5-kilometer drive south from the lake) you can book an arranged jeep tour, paragliding, horse riding and rafting.

2. Catatumbo lightnings start striking an hour after sunset and flash all night long. Rent a boat house by the lake if you're going to stay overnight here.

Floating houses on Catatumbo river, Maracaibo

Floating houses on Catatumbo river, Maracaibo

Where to do?

#1Maracaibo LakeMaracaibo Lake

The biggest lake in South America - its north side is shallow, and south side reaches 250-meter depth. Shores of the lake are boggy.

When to do?

Lightening usually strikes in a rainy season (June - October).

Tips and hints

Local old residents recommend not to go to the epicentrum of splashes from June to October.


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