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What to see in Austria —
10 places to visit

13things to doin Austria

10 places to visit in Austria

#1in SalzburgFive Fingers Observation Deck in SalzburgFive Fingers Observation Deck in Salzburg

Beautiful observation deck in Alps resembles a giant hand, which fingers hanging over the 2100 meters precipice.

#1in ViennaSchonbrunn PalaceSchonbrunn Palace in Vienna

The summer residence of the Habsburgs is one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Europe. It is put on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

#2in ViennaVienna State Opera in ViennaVienna State Opera in Vienna

Here you can listen to arias of the best opera singers, choir to the accompaniment of the symphony orchestra and watch ballet.

#3in ViennaSt. Stephen's CathedralSt. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

It is the main Catholic church of Vienna built in XIV century. Here you can listen to organ music and climb 136 meters high tower.

#4in ViennaSaint Marx CemeterySaint Marx Cemetery in Vienna

At the end of the 18th century, here were common graves for the poor. When the cemetery became part of Vienna, they began to bury famous politicians and artists.

#5in ViennaPrater Amusement ParkPrater Amusement Park in Vienna

In Prater Park, here are more than 250 attractions: carousels, chamber of horrors, a Ferris Wheel, karting, trampolines and a planetarium.

#6in ViennaHundertwasserhausHundertwasserhaus in Vienna

This building is pretty unusual; it is often called "gingerbread house" and people find some similarities with Casa Batlló by Gaudi in Barcelona.

#7in ViennaDemel pastry shopDemel pastry shop in Vienna

Popular Vienna pastry shop is located on Kohlmarkt Street, in the central neighbourhood of the city.

#8in ViennaMozarthaus ViennaMozarthaus Vienna in Vienna

This is the building of the only remained Mozart's flat in Vienna. Now the museum of the composer lies in all three floors of the building.

#2in SalzburgEisriesenwelt caveEisriesenwelt cave in Salzburg

Limestone cave in Werfen that is 40 kilometers south of Salzburg goes 42 kilometers down into the Alps and is the world's biggest ice cave. First 100 kilometers of the cave are covered with ice.

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