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#1in DubaiRub' al Khali desert in DubaiRub' al Khali desert in Dubai

Dangerous, unbearably hot climate, constant lack of water and endless tons of sand, stretching for hundreds of kilometers.

#2in DubaiBurj Khalifa in DubaiBurj Khalifa in Dubai

828 meters of incredible architecture and greatness: the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, the world’s highest skyscraper holds all this. You have to see it with your own eyes.

#3in DubaiDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in DubaiDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall is a vivid underwater world of man-made ocean in a huge aquarium and arched tunnel.

#4in DubaiThe Dubai Fountain in DubaiThe Dubai Fountain in Dubai

The world-famous incredible Dubai Fountain astonishes with its unique and impressive water, light, musical and even fire and smoke shows.

#5in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in Dubai

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall. Fashionable shops, restaurants, entertainment centers they can offer you everything!

#6in DubaiBig Red Sand Dune in DubaiBig Red Sand Dune in Dubai

The Big Red Dune is about 50 km away from Dubai. It’s one of the ultimate places for sandboarding and extreme jeep off-road driving.

#7in DubaiDubai Autodrome in DubaiDubai Autodrome in Dubai

Track experiences give the "man in the street", the chance to sample race cars and supercars through the Race & Drive Centre.

#8in DubaiFish Souk in DubaiFish Souk in Dubai

Fish Souk of Dubai offers an excellent selection of seafood; besides, the market itself is a flamboyant and lively place to visit.

#9in DubaiGold Souk in DubaiGold Souk in Dubai

Myriads of golden jewels and precious stones at the market are not necessarily to be bought, but they are definitely worth seeing.

#11in DubaiSpice Souk in DubaiSpice Souk in Dubai

The old Spice Souk is not yet touched by «the civilization» it keeps traditions and primordial appearance, but the number of shop counters here reduce every year.

#10in DubaiHatta Wadi in DubaiHatta Wadi in Dubai

Nature never fails to amaze us with its miracles, and the wadi is one more amazing masterpiece nature endowed human beings with.

#12in DubaiHatta Pools in DubaiHatta Pools in Dubai

Gorgeous landscapes and crystal clear water - Hatta Pools favors with wonderful relaxation for both - your body and soul.

#13in DubaiAt.mosphere Restaurant in DubaiAt.mosphere Restaurant in Dubai

The highest restaurant in the world grew so popular due to a spectacular panoramic bird’s-eye view of Dubai.

#1in Abu DhabiQasr Al Hosn fort in Abu DhabiQasr Al Hosn fort in Abu Dhabi

The oldest building in Abu Dhabi, which is called its birthplace. It is next to the modern skyscrapers, recalling the past of the emirate.

#16in DubaiDubai Creek in DubaiDubai Creek in Dubai

Dubai Creek influenced significantly Dubai developing - just right on its banks first constructions of world-known city have risen.

#15in DubaiThe Majlis café in DubaiThe Majlis café in Dubai

In the luxurious atmosphere of Majlis café you can taste original dishes: coffee, shakes, hot chocolate and ice cream made of camel milk.

#14in DubaiAl Marmoum Camel Race Track in DubaiAl Marmoum Camel Race Track in Dubai

A trip to the Emirates will not be complete if you do not visit the Al Marmoum Camel Race Track to see famous camel races.

#17in DubaiThe Island beach club in DubaiThe Island beach club in Dubai

This is a piece of a real paradise located on a man-made island in the Arabian Gulf. You can swim and sunbathe here as well as try some sport activities.

#20in DubaiRas Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in DubaiRas Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary in Dubai

The cape of the bay is home to thousands of migratory birds from all over the world (including pink flamingos) and 500 species of animals and plants.

#18in DubaiLocal House Restaurant in DubaiLocal House Restaurant in Dubai

Camel meat dishes gave star billing to a small cozy restaurant. Come here and try the taste of true Arab camel meat.

#19in DubaiLevel 43 Sky Lounge in DubaiLevel 43 Sky Lounge in Dubai

One of the most cozy bars in the city is an ideal place to drink a couple of cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere in a leisurely conversation with friends.

#21in DubaiCandylicious in DubaiCandylicious in Dubai

Candylicious is a dream place for sweet tooth, a shop, where you can taste more than 5000 different sweets: cakes, muffins, marmalade, candies and so on.

#2in Abu DhabiLiwa oasis in Abu DhabiLiwa oasis in Abu Dhabi

This place attracts travelers with a possibility to visit the Date Festival. Also the landscapes of Liwa oasis are so unusual that they create a sense of a true mirage.

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