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What to see in Lithuania —
6 places to visit

11things to doin Lithuania

6 places to visit in Lithuania

#2in VilniusUžupisUžupis in Vilnius

The oldest neighbourhood of Vilnius that Bohemia announced to be Free Republic. Užupis has got its constitution, hymn and president.

#1in VilniusTrakai Island CastleTrakai Island Castle in Vilnius

The biggest remained castle in Lithuania. It stands on the island in the middle of Lake Galvė; inside the castle there is a historical museum.

#3in VilniusThe Cathedral of VilniusThe Cathedral of Vilnius in Vilnius

In the church of XV century you can ring the bell in the belfry and descend into the underground.

#4in VilniusGate of DawnGate of Dawn in Vilnius

The only survived gate out of 10 of the city defensive wall. In 1671 monks build the chapel over the gate to bless travellers.

#5in VilniusPresidential PalacePresidential Palace in Vilnius

The official residence of Lithuanian President is located in the old town, next to Vilnius University.

#6in VilniusRestaurant NeringaRestaurant Neringa in Vilnius

The oldest Vilniusian restaurant that was opened in 1959. At that time it was a preferable place of dissidents and anti-Soviet people.

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