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What to see in Slovenia —
18 places to visit

14things to doin Slovenia

18 places to visit in Slovenia


#1in LjubljanaBled islandBled island in Ljubljana

The island on Bled Lake is 10 kilometers from Ljubljana. The lake is surrounded by the Julian Alps and forests.

#2in LjubljanaVintgar gorgeVintgar gorge in Ljubljana

Mountain gorge is 1,6 kilometers long with the Radovna river flowing inside; a foot path against its walls takes travellers to breathtaking places.

#3in LjubljanaBled CastleBled Castle in Ljubljana

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia is placed at the height of 135 meters. The observation deck on the territory offers fabulous view of Lake Bled.

#8in LjubljanaLjubljana CastleLjubljana Castle in Ljubljana

Castle of XII century - one of the symbol of the city - overlooks Ljubljana from the highest point of Slovenian capital.

#4in LjubljanaDragon BridgeDragon Bridge in Ljubljana

Formerly the bridge was wooden; in 1895 severe earthquake demolished it and concrete bridge was constructed with third highest arch in Europe at that time and dragons, the city symbol.

#5in LjubljanaTivoli City ParkTivoli City Park in Ljubljana

In the biggest city park of Ljubljana you'll find Tivoli Castle, Cekin Mansion and sport complex with pretty large ice rink.

#6in LjubljanaTriple BridgeTriple Bridge in Ljubljana

Ensemble of three walking bridges connects two main squares of the city: Town Square and Prešeren Square.

#7in LjubljanaTown HallTown Hall in Ljubljana

Town Hall building is actually the seat of the City Municipality. In the arched courtyard of the Town Hall the Fountain of Narcissus is placed.

#9in LjubljanaPostojna CavePostojna Cave in Ljubljana

The length of the world's longest solutional cave is 24 kilometers, and only 4 are open for visiting. You can take excursion tram running inside the cave.

#10in LjubljanaLjubljana CathedralLjubljana Cathedral in Ljubljana

The main cathedral stands on Cyril and Methodius square in the historical city centre. People say while building the construction lime was mixed with wine to fasten better.

#11in LjubljanaPredjama CastlePredjama Castle in Ljubljana

Medieval castle stands on the edge of 123 meters high rock. In XII century knight Erasmus Luegg owned it, now the castle is a popular spot.

#12in LjubljanaTriglavTriglav in Ljubljana

Triglav is the highest peak of Slovenia. 2864 meters high symbol of the country is depicted on the national emblem and flag.

#13in LjubljanaMetelkova CityMetelkova City in Ljubljana

Centre of the alternative culture in former barrack. This is the place musicians and deejays from all over the world come to give concerts.

#14in LjubljanaEmona House Archaeological ParkEmona House Archaeological Park in Ljubljana

The park keeps ruins of 2000-year-old town, Roman wall and Early Christian Centre. Entrance fee is €4.

#15in LjubljanaNational Museum of SloveniaNational Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana

The museum places artefacts of Slovenian history: flute made by Neanderthalers 45 000 years ago, golden decorations of the Bronze Age and pagan statuettes.

#16in LjubljanaCobblers' BridgeCobblers' Bridge in Ljubljana

Walking bridge across the Ljubljanica river used to be a place of shoemaker's shops. Shoe installations here remind of it. From the bridge you'll see Ljubljana Castle.

#17in LjubljanaThe LjubljanicaThe Ljubljanica in Ljubljana

The river that is 41 kilometers long flows through the historic centre of Ljubljana. About 20 kilometers of its waters run under ground.

#18in LjubljanaTerme Catez resortTerme Catez resort in Ljubljana

Thermal resort is one hour drive east from Ljubljana. On the territory there are 11 boreholes with thermal water, a lot of covered and opened pools with attractions, hotels and restaurants.

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