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The Persian Gulfin Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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27 things to doin Abu Dhabi
The Persian Gulf is the Middle East in all of its aspects - authentic traditions and charming atmosphere of ancient Arabic fairy tales.
The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi used to be a nondescript village, but it took the city just 30 years to turn into a world-known city. Mainly oil extraction is considered to be the source of the city developing, but near the Persian Gulf (the Arabian Gulf) location made a contribution as well.

The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi

Hot climate, warm sea and clean sand made Abu Dhabi emirate popular resort city. Water temperature in the Persian Gulf fluctuates from +15°in winter to +35°in summer. November-to-April period is the best time to come here. Spring is considered to be mellow season; high humidity and temperature here make summer sultry here.

The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi

Things you should know about the rest here

• You won't see heavy waves in the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi as the city is built up on islands. The archipelago pacifies winds and submarine current.
• The most popular beach of Abu Dhabi emirate is situated in the very centre - on the Corniche seafront. It was awarded the Blue flag as clean and comfortable rest area.
• Some public beaches in Abu Dhabi have swimsuit restrictions. So it's better to pay and go to a hotel beach area where morals are a little more lenient.

The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi

• Some parts of the Persian Gulf shore front are pristine and suitable for wild rest, for example, Jebel Dhanna. Here you won't find beach chairs and a lot of comfort, but much fewer people.
• Here in waters of the Persian Gulf you can meet electric rays. So come to water carefully and tread the bottom.This will make some noise under the water and scary away crampfish. Keep this in mind especially when you are on a wild beach.

The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi

• Also be careful in winter - water snakes are often washed up by waves.
• The Persian Gulf harbors sharks, but they are safe for humans. When they approach to the shore lifeguards warn of that.
• If you see a red flag on the beach it means you can't come into the water - this is the way lifeguards warn about danger in the sea.
• The Persian Gulf fauna can spoil your trip, but it's not death-dealing.

The Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi

Things to do here 2

#2Dive with dugongs in Abu DhabiDive with dugongsEugene Krasowski

A great number of sea cows graze on the underwater meadow of the Persian Gulf. The locals call them sirens and sea brides. They are safe here.

#9Feed seagulls at the gulf coast in Abu DhabiFeed seagulls at the gulf coastoddviser

Every winter seagulls fly here from Siberia and the Mediterranean regions. Here they rest in order to continue their journey with renewed vigour.

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Guest04 June 2023

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#17Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu DhabiSheikh Zayed Bridge

Construction of immense complexity and incredibility in the history of bridge engineering is truly deserves to be awarded the most significant prize in architecture sphere.

#19Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu DhabiJumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel

This hotel is the embodiment of the highest standards of luxury vacation, that is beyond comparison in Abu Dhabi. Here you can find an awesome observation platform.

#12Capital Dragons Organization in Abu DhabiCapital Dragons Organization

Capital Dragons is a member of the UAE Dragon Boat Association. The organization's mission is popularizing marine sports and team dragon boat racing in particular.

#21Women's Handicraft Centre in Abu DhabiWomen's Handicraft Centre

In Women's Handicraft Centre in Abu Dhabi great handicraft items are made up; it seems that they are true art masterpieces.

#3Yas Island in Abu DhabiYas Island

The main centre of amusement in Abu Dhabi where you can see the most incredible construction in the world - 2,5-hectare artificial island.

#16The Capital Gate in Abu DhabiThe Capital Gate

Skyscraper with the biggest inclination angle (18°)! The Capital Gates holds offices, a 5-star hotel and panoramic-view restaurant.

#14Yas Mall in Abu DhabiYas Mall

Yas mall is the biggest in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second biggest in the country. It is located on the famous man-made Yas Island.

#6Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu DhabiEmirates Palace Hotel

The presidential hotel that looks like an exquisite Arabian palace - Emirates Palace is one of the best hotels in the Emirates - the breathtaking epitome of luxury and wealth.

#9Eastern Mangrove Lagoon in Abu DhabiEastern Mangrove Lagoon

This first of the five existing mangrove reserves is under the aegis of the state. Its pristine lagoon is home for rare species of birds and animals.

#2Liwa oasis in Abu DhabiLiwa oasis

This place attracts travelers with a possibility to visit the Date Festival. Also the landscapes of Liwa oasis are so unusual that they create a sense of a true mirage.

#13Hiltonia Beach Club in Abu DhabiHiltonia Beach Club

Hiltonia is the best place for water sports located in the western part of the Corniche. Here you can opt for a banana boat, go water skiing, canoeing, scuba diving or fishing.

#7The Manarat Al Saadiyat Museum in Abu DhabiThe Manarat Al Saadiyat Museum

Here you can get familiar with the contemporary art and find out more about the history of Saadiyat Island. The museum holds all kinds of exhibitions of local and foreign masters.

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