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Yas Islandin Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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27 things to doin Abu Dhabi
The main centre of amusement in Abu Dhabi where you can see the most incredible construction in the world - 2,5-hectare artificial island.
Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
The UAE is the universe of hi-tech technologies, skyscrapers and luxury. Unbelievable amount of money was sank into the city development to impress every and each traveller now.

Yas is an artificial island that was made Abu Dhabi according to the project of Aldar Properties Company. The constructions works began in 2007.

Yas Island, Dubai

Why go here?

• Ferrari thematic park. Feel as if you are a real racing driver, jangle your nerves riding mind-bending roller-coasters. Of course, all the attractions here are connected with the brand of world-known sports car;
• Formula 1 car-racing track that holds more than 50 thousands spectators;

Formula 1 car-racing track, Abu Dhabi
Photo © Lei Jiang

• Futuristic hotel built on the car-racing track;
• Water amusement park.

Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

Interesting facts

• The name originates from Baniyas tribe that settled here a fisherman's hamlet that later became the capital of the UAE;
• 37 billion dollars were poured into the construction;
• The island occupies 2,5 hectares of the territory;
• On the territory you there are complimentary buses;
• Ferrary World is the biggest covered amusement park in the world.

Ferrari World, Abu-Dhabi

How to get

Only a little channel separates the island from the mainland, so you can take any overland transport to get here. There are two ways: taxi (about 20 dirhams) or public bus №190.

Things to do here 1

#8Go to Formula One Grand Prix in Abu DhabiGo to Formula One Grand Prixoddviser

The roar of motors, 55 thousand onlookers and an incredible track – you have to see it with your own eyes!

AED 2516
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Guest10 December 2022

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