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See dugongs in the wild in Abu Dhabi

The Persian Gulf is the habitat of remarkable animals – dugongs. Finding them in the wild is not an easy task, but still it’s possible.


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See dugongs in the wild

#1 of 20 things to do in Abu Dhabi
Dugongs (a.k.a. sea cows) live in the Gulf and can be found by the coast of Abu Dhabi. Despite their massive bodies, dugongs are quite graceful in the water. In stories and legends, sea cows appear as sirens or mermaids, singing songs to lure sailors into the sea.

When in the Emirates you cannot miss the chance to see dugongs and to hear their weird profound aspiration, but finding these rare and timid animals isn’t a piece of cake – dugongs have no permanent habitat. Therefore, Oddviser cannot give you the exact coordinates of dugongs' location. Though, there are some tips for you: manatees are to be found in warm coastal waters of the Persian Gulf, in the shallow lagoons and bays at depths of 10-20 meters. At daytime dugongs sleep at the water surface, and at night they graze on the meadows of underwater coral reefs and shallows, at a depth of 1-5 meters.

How much?

searching for dugong is rather an activity for an independent traveler (excursion agencies rarely offer such tours), therefore, not counting the associated costs, let’s call the adventure conditionally free of charge.


Guest27 July 2017

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