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What to see in Australia —
7 places to visit

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10 places to visit in Australia

#1in CairnsGreat Barrier Reef in CairnsGreat Barrier Reef in Cairns

A unique living eco-system - colourful fish, beautiful corals and thousands of large and small islands – all these things make up the Great Barrier Reef.

#1in DarwinCrocosaurus Cove in DarwinCrocosaurus Cove in Darwin

Here, you can see all kinds of crocodiles, swim with them, and also hold newborn crocodiles in your hands.

#1in SydneySydney Opera House in SydneySydney Opera House in Sydney

Sydney Opera House attracts more than 8.2 million visitors annually. The grandiose "sails" are recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings of the planet.

#2in SydneyWild Life Sydney Zoo in SydneyWild Life Sydney Zoo in Sydney

This zoo recreates the habitat of Australian animals. Here you can see a lot of local animals and birds, and even have breakfast with koalas.

#2in CairnsCairns Railway Station in CairnsCairns Railway Station in Cairns

Go on an exciting journey by vintage train Kuranda Scenic Railway along a scenic route. Thus, you could see the beautiful village Kuranda.

#3in SydneySydney Tower Eye in SydneySydney Tower Eye in Sydney

The highest building in Sydney attracts visitors by its observation platforms and an opportunity to visit a revolving restaurant.

#3in CairnsSkyrail Rainforest Cableway in CairnsSkyrail Rainforest Cableway in Cairns

The longest cableway in the world and one of the most popular attractions in Cairns, Skyrail Rainforest guarantees a rush of adrenaline and an unforgettable journey.

#0in DarwinDevils Marbles Conservation ReserveDevils Marbles Conservation Reserve in Darwin

The reserve with red egg-shaped stones is located 115 km from Tennant Creek the Northern Territory of Australia. You can take a touristic bus or a taxi - the way takes about 2 hrs.

#0in Alice SpringsUluruUluru in Alice Springs

Large sandstone rock stands 335 kilometers southwestward from Alice Springs town in the Northern Territory of Australia. Uluru is 348 meters high and 3,6 kilometers long.

#0in SydneyTaronga ZooTaronga Zoo in Sydney

One of the largest zoos is inhabited by more than 340 animal species - among them Madagascar lemurs and bilbies. The zoo is open from 9:30am till 5pm. The ticket is AUD 46.

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