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Sydney Opera Housein Sydney, Australia

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Sydney Opera House attracts more than 8.2 million visitors annually. The grandiose "sails" are recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings of the planet.
Sydney Opera House, Sydney
A visit to Sydney is unimaginable without a visit to the famous Opera House, a landmark of the country. The building was erected in the spirit of impressionism, but its state-of-the-art design is characterized by innovative methods.

The theater occupies an area of more than two hectares. The largest rooms are the concert hall for 2,679 visitors and the opera house, designed for 1507 seats.

The unique "sails" or "lotus petals" can be seen from afar – their perfectly smooth surface changes the hue depending on how the sun is lighting it up.

The most impressive view of the theater opens from the Harbor Bridge. Each year, more than eight million people visit the Sydney Opera House.

The opera bar at ground level is a very popular venue for a weekend lunch or a few cool drinks and a great place to view the harbour and bridge!

You can buy a tour to the Sydney Opera House on the official website of the theater. Price $ 37 for adults, $ 20 for children.

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#2Listen to opera in Sydney Opera House in SydneyListen to opera in Sydney Opera Houseoddviser

Here you will be impressed by the performance itself and also by the genius of the architectural design.

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Sydney Opera House on the map

Location: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW

Open hours

daily between 9 am and 5 pm


Official website: http://sydneyoperahouse.com
Phone: +61 2 9250 7111


Guest24 May 2024

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