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Sydney things to do & places to visit

One of the most flourishing metropolises is situated on the coast of a beautiful bay. It attracts by many landmarks that have acquired a worldwide fame. Sydney is always full of life, joy and desire to impress its every guest.

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This city harmoniously combines modern skyscrapers and Victorian districts, with beautiful parks and lively beaches woven between them.

The main problem for the travelers in Sydney is to find time for all local temptations. The city is a concentration of a great amount of attractions, world-renown places, with a lot of interesting excursion routes and guided tours.

Sydney can boast of few historical monuments. Yet, its modern architectural masterpieces are in no way inferior to them. The blooming metropolis is buried in verdure. The palm of supremacy among the green oases belongs to the Royal Botanic Gardens. On its territory you will see unusual signs calling to lie on lawns, to hug trees and to enjoy the scent of roses.

Come to Sydney to join this celebration of life!

Things to do in Sydney 5

See a sandstorm in Sydney
oddviserSee a sandstorm#1 of 5 things to do in Sydney

Sandstorm is a quite rare phenomenon for Sydney. Look at the immense scale of the spectacle, but stay alert.

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Listen to opera in Sydney Opera House in Sydney
oddviserListen to opera in Sydney Opera House#2 of 5 things to do in Sydney

Here you will be impressed by the performance itself and also by the genius of the architectural design.

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See koalas in Sydney
oddviserSee koalas#3 of 5 things to do in Sydney

It sounds surprisingly but in this zoo you can really not only take a look at these cute little animals, but also have a breakfast with them!

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Fly in a hot air balloon over the Hunter Valley in Sydney
Joan NaplesFly in a hot air balloon over the Hunter Valley#4 of 5 things to do in Sydney

Fly over the place of an evergreen grapevine - the Hunter Valley in Sydney.

How much: from AU$279#unusual#strolling#views#nature#breathtakingSydney
Come on up to Sydney Tower Eye in Sydney
oddviserCome on up to Sydney Tower Eye#5 of 5 things to do in Sydney

Get to the top of Sydney Tower. The imposing height of the building and the surrounding panorama will impress you.

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Places to visit in Sydney 3

Sydney Opera House in Sydney
Sydney Opera House#1 of 3 places to visit in Sydney

Sydney Opera House attracts more than 8.2 million visitors annually. The grandiose "sails" are recognized as one of the most beautiful buildings of the planet.

Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Sydney
Wild Life Sydney Zoo#2 of 3 places to visit in Sydney

This zoo recreates the habitat of Australian animals. Here you can see a lot of local animals and birds, and even have breakfast with koalas.

Sydney Tower Eye in Sydney
Sydney Tower Eye#3 of 3 places to visit in Sydney

The highest building in Sydney attracts visitors by its observation platforms and an opportunity to visit a revolving restaurant.


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