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What to see in Sri Lanka —
29 places to visit

48things to doin Sri Lanka

29 places to visit in Sri Lanka


#1in DambullaSigiriya Lion Rock in DambullaSigiriya Lion Rock in Dambulla

Former fortress of the 5th century with a Buddhist temple at the top. It is called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

#1in Nuwara EliyaAdam's Peak in Nuwara EliyaAdam's Peak in Nuwara Eliya

2243-meter high mountain is really sacred Buddhists. It is called Eden, the Buddha himself left a foot print on the top of the Adam's Peak.

#1in KandyPinnawala Elephant OrphanagePinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Kandy

Elephant Orphanage can offer you exciting activities - feeding milk to elephants or giving a wash to a big elephant in the river. Try them both!

#1on MannarAdam's BridgeAdam's Bridge on Mannar

Lines of islands and shallows that is 48 kilometers long connects Sri Lanka and India.

#2in KandyRoyal Botanic GardensRoyal Botanic Gardens in Kandy

In the garden grow more than 100 species of tropical orchids, coconut alley and Ceylon iron tree, planted by Nicholas II.

#1in KataragamaYala National ParkYala National Park in Kataragama

More than 40 kinds of rare animals inhabit the biggest sanctuary on Sri Lanka.

#1in GalleKoggala BeachKoggala Beach in Galle

Beach in the western coast of Sri Lanka is pretty well-liked among surfers. And local fishermen got adjusted to catch fish despite of heavy wave breaking.

#2in GalleHikkaduwa BeachHikkaduwa Beach in Galle

The friendliest turtles of the island inhabit exactly this beach! You can feed laminaria to them, pat and even take a ride on their carapace.

#2in Nuwara EliyaEllaElla in Nuwara Eliya

Ella is located in montanious region on the elevation of 1000 meters above the sea level.

#1in TrincomaleePigeon Island National ParkPigeon Island National Park in Trincomalee

Sanctuary island surrounded by coral reefs gives a great chance to go snorkeling and crabbing.

#3in Nuwara EliyaBambarakanda FallsBambarakanda Falls in Nuwara Eliya

Bambarakanda is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and falls from a 263-meter cliff.

#3in KandyBritish Garrison CemeteryBritish Garrison Cemetery in Kandy

195 graves of British that became victims of malaria, cholera and war on Sri Lanka.

#4in KandyDambana villageDambana village in Kandy

The village is located 100 kilometers east from Kandy. Dambana is inhabited by descendants of the earliest tribe on Sri Lanka - Veddas.

#5in KandyVictoria DamVictoria Dam in Kandy

The dam was constructed in 1985 for irrigation of lands in the Mahaweli river valley and producing electricity. Also it is used to control water level in the river.

#3in GalleGalle FortGalle Fort in Galle

Cobbled streets, clock tower, ruins of residential and administrative buildings remained on the fort territory from Dutch colonization period

#4in GalleGalle LighthouseGalle Lighthouse in Galle

The lighthouse stands in the eastern part of the fort in Utrecht Bastion. It still functions, but you can make a deal with a guard and go up to its top.

#5in GalleSt. Mary's CathedralSt. Mary's Cathedral in Galle

The main catholic church of south Sri Lanka was built by Dutch in XIX century. The floor in the cathedral is made of tombstones from the nearest cemetery.

#6in GalleInternational Cricket StadiumInternational Cricket Stadium in Galle

The stadium occupying more than 4000 hectares is situated near the Galle fort. 23 cricket matches has been held here since it was opened in 1984.

#7in GalleAmbalangodaAmbalangoda in Galle

Coastal village is located about 40 kilometers from Galle. It is the place where people still keep traditions to perform "devil dances" wearing wooden masks to hoodoo the spirits.

#8in GalleMeeran MosqueMeeran Mosque in Galle

The mosque is placed on the territory of the Galle Fort. It was constructed by the Portuguese in the Baroque and the Victorian styles. Everyone is welcomed here, not only Moslems.

#9in GalleRailway stationRailway station in Galle

Main railway station of Galle from which you can reach any part of Sri Lanka. It is placed near the National Cricket Stadium and Galle fort.

#10in GalleAriyapala Masks MuseumAriyapala Masks Museum in Galle

The museum places traditional Sri Lankan masks that workers of the museum will gladly tell you about in English. There is also a souvenir shop.

#1in MataraParavi Duwa TempleParavi Duwa Temple in Matara

Buddhist temple is placed on the island - across the bridge from Matara beach. In the middle of the building there is Buddha statue. Entrance is free, but you can donate some money.

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