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What to see in Matara —
3 places to visit

4things to doin Matara

3 places to visit in Matara

#1Paravi Duwa TempleParavi Duwa Temple

Buddhist temple is placed on the island - across the bridge from Matara beach. In the middle of the building there is Buddha statue. Entrance is free, but you can donate some money.

#2Dondra LighthouseDondra Lighthouse

The lighthouse is placed on Donora Head - the most southerly point of the island. It works around the clock, but getting inside is possible only by day.

#3Weherahena Buddhist TempleWeherahena Buddhist Temple

The walls inside are decorated with paintings of episodes from Buddha's life. Every year at the end of November (at the time of the full moon) Buddhists celebrate the foundation of the temple.

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