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What to see in Venezuela —
31 places to visit

18things to doin Venezuela

31 place to visit in Venezuela


#1in MaracaiboMaracaibo LakeMaracaibo Lake in Maracaibo

The biggest lake in South America - its north side is shallow, and south side reaches 250-meter depth. Shores of the lake are boggy.

#1in CaracasCanaima National ParkCanaima National Park in Caracas

30 000-square-kilometer park is located in south east part of Venezuela. It's known for the world highest Angel Falls and unique tepui mountains. You can get here by airplane from Caracas. In the park you'll find palm huts to stay overnight.

#2in CaracasEl Avila National ParkEl Avila National Park in Caracas

The park occupying about 200 square kilometers is located in the northern part of Venezuela. Warairarepano cable-railway is one of the main entertainments here. The park is open from 11am till 7:30pm, the price starts at Bs 60.

#1in MeridaMerida cable carMerida cable car in Merida

It takes 2 hours to ride from base station of the cable car in Barinas area to Espejo Peak. The system functions from Wednesday till Sunday from 8am till 1pm. Price - $50.

#3in CaracasMount RoraimaMount Roraima in Caracas

The table-top mountain stands on the territories of three countries - Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Its height reaches 2810 meters. You can find it in the southeastern corner of Canaima National Park.

#1in MaturinOrinoco deltaOrinoco delta in Maturin

It is placed in east Venezuela and branches into 60 canals and 40 tributaries. The delta occupies 41 000-kilometer territory and is inhabited by Indians Warao. The way to here takes 2 hours by car from Maturin and then 1 hour by a motorboat.

#4in CaracasMargarita IslandMargarita Island in Caracas

The island in the Caribbean Sea. You can get here for 40 minutes by plane from Caracas to the airport in Porlamar. El Yaque beach in the island is one of the best spot in the world for windsurfing and kiting.

#5in CaracasLos Roques archipelagoLos Roques archipelago in Caracas

Archipelago is placed 160 kilometers from Venezuela mainland. It consists of 350 islands and reefs. You can get here by plane from Caracas or Margarita island.

#2in MeridaLlano del Hato National Astronomical ObservatoryLlano del Hato National Astronomical Observatory in Merida

The observatory is located 50 kilometers north-eastward from Merida. Take a bus in Merida to get here. It is open from 3pm till 7pm. Entrance fee starts at 30 Bs.

#1in Ciudad BolivarFortin El ZamuroFortin El Zamuro in Ciudad Bolivar

The fort is placed on the highest hill in the city - the view of old town is beautiful. It is open from Tuesday till Saturday 9am-5pm, on Sunday 8:30am-4pm. The entrance is from Paseo Heres.

#1in BarquisimetoBarquisimeto CathedralBarquisimeto Cathedral in Barquisimeto

Cathedral made in shape of upside-down flower is considered to be an object of modern art. It stands on Avenida Venezuela between Avenida Simón Rodríguez and Calle 30.

#1in MaracayMaestranza Cesar GironMaestranza Cesar Giron in Maracay

The bullring constructed in 1933 can seat up to 7000 spectators. Corrida normally takes place on Sundays in the afternoon.

#1in ValenciaFortin SolanoFortin Solano in Valencia

Military fort that was constructed in 1766 to defend port town Puerto Cabello. The fort is open every day except for Monday, from 8am till 6pm. Entrance is free.

#6in CaracasParque del EsteParque del Este in Caracas

The park is situated at Miranda metro station (Line 1). There are 10 artificial lakes, small zoo and terrarium. It is opened on Monday from 5am till 9pm, on Tuesday-Sunday from 5am till 5pm.

#1in CalabozoLos LlanosLos Llanos in Calabozo

High-grass savannah is located in the Orinoco river area. The territory is inhabited by caimans, bird hawks, anteaters. The best time for visit is from December till May.

#7in CaracasEl Hatillo districtEl Hatillo district in Caracas

Small town with red-roofed houses is a half-hour drive from Caracas city centre. At local market Hannsi Centro Artesanal you can buy wooden and ceramic souvenirs, Indian masks, carpets and hammocks.

#8in CaracasMuseo Historico MilitarMuseo Historico Militar in Caracas

Military museum where sarcophagus with Hugo Chávez body is placed. The museum is opened from Tuesday till Sunday. Every day at 4:25pm (time of the president's death) a cannon-shot is fired.

#1in CumanaCueva del Guácharo National ParkCueva del Guácharo National Park in Cumana

The park is situated on southern slopes of Sierra-Cumana mountains. Limestone Guacharo caves with Guacharo birds are placed in its central part. Entrance fee is $8.

#2in MaracaiboSinamaica lagoonSinamaica lagoon in Maracaibo

Lagoon is situated in the northwest of Zulia State. Indigenous Indians have been living here in stilt houses since precolonial times.

#1on Margarita IslandPlaya El YaquePlaya El Yaque on Margarita Island

Playa El Yaque lies in south part of Margarita island; it is one of the best spots for kiting and surfing. The beach is 400 meters long and 20 meters wide. Also here you'll find bars, national cuisine restaurants and souvenir stalls.

#2on Margarita IslandParguito beachParguito beach on Margarita Island

The beach stretches for 1 kilometer long and 20 meters wide. Waves here are pretty high and they make the beach a perfect spot for surfers and surfing competitions. In April - May sea turtles lay eggs here.

#1in Puerto CabelloIsla LargaIsla Larga in Puerto Cabello

The island occupying 54 hectares is situated 15 minutes by boat from Puerto Cabello city, Quizandal beach. The main water activities here are diving and snorkeling.

#3on Margarita IslandCastillo de Santa RosaCastillo de Santa Rosa on Margarita Island

It is placed in Asuncion on Margarita island and opened daily 9am-6pm. Entrance fee is not fixed. On the observation deck you'll see a cannon and cannonballs and panoramic view.

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