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What to see in Caracas —
13 places to visit

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13 places to visit in Caracas


#1Canaima National ParkCanaima National Park

30 000-square-kilometer park is located in south east part of Venezuela. It's known for the world highest Angel Falls and unique tepui mountains. You can get here by airplane from Caracas. In the park you'll find palm huts to stay overnight.

#2El Avila National ParkEl Avila National Park

The park occupying about 200 square kilometers is located in the northern part of Venezuela. Warairarepano cable-railway is one of the main entertainments here. The park is open from 11am till 7:30pm, the price starts at Bs 60.

#3Mount RoraimaMount Roraima

The table-top mountain stands on the territories of three countries - Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Its height reaches 2810 meters. You can find it in the southeastern corner of Canaima National Park.

#4Margarita IslandMargarita Island

The island in the Caribbean Sea. You can get here for 40 minutes by plane from Caracas to the airport in Porlamar. El Yaque beach in the island is one of the best spot in the world for windsurfing and kiting.

#5Los Roques archipelagoLos Roques archipelago

Archipelago is placed 160 kilometers from Venezuela mainland. It consists of 350 islands and reefs. You can get here by plane from Caracas or Margarita island.

#6Parque del EsteParque del Este

The park is situated at Miranda metro station (Line 1). There are 10 artificial lakes, small zoo and terrarium. It is opened on Monday from 5am till 9pm, on Tuesday-Sunday from 5am till 5pm.

#7El Hatillo districtEl Hatillo district

Small town with red-roofed houses is a half-hour drive from Caracas city centre. At local market Hannsi Centro Artesanal you can buy wooden and ceramic souvenirs, Indian masks, carpets and hammocks.

#8Museo Historico MilitarMuseo Historico Militar

Military museum where sarcophagus with Hugo Chávez body is placed. The museum is opened from Tuesday till Sunday. Every day at 4:25pm (time of the president's death) a cannon-shot is fired.

#9El Pinar ZooEl Pinar Zoo

The zoo is aimed at keeping rare species of animals. Here it's forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, ride a bike or skate and feed animals. The zoo is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 9am till 4pm (from 10am on Sundays). The entrance is free.

#10Botanical GardenBotanical Garden

The garden is placed on the territory of the Central University of Venezuela. Here you'll find more than 2500 species of plants. It is open daily all round the year from 8:30am till 4:30pm. Entrance fee is Bs20.

#11Caracas CathedralCaracas Cathedral

The cathedral stands on Bolivar Square in the centre of Caracas - 200 meters from El Silencio metro station. It's open on weekdays at 8am-11:30pm and 4pm-6pm, on weekend - 9am-12pm and 4:30pm-6pm. The entrance is free.

#12Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-IbrahimMosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim

The second biggest mosque in Latin America is located on Real Quebrada street. The mosque occupies 5000 sq.m, its minaret is 113 meters high - the highest in Latin America.

#13National Pantheon of VenezuelaNational Pantheon of Venezuela

It is a burial spot of Venezuelan national heroes. It is open every day except for Monday from 9am till 4:30pm. It is a 15-minute walk from El Silencio metro station.

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