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What to see on Margarita Island —
6 places to visit

2things to doon Margarita Island

6 places to visit on Margarita Island

#1Playa El YaquePlaya El Yaque

Playa El Yaque lies in south part of Margarita island; it is one of the best spots for kiting and surfing. The beach is 400 meters long and 20 meters wide. Also here you'll find bars, national cuisine restaurants and souvenir stalls.

#2Parguito beachParguito beach

The beach stretches for 1 kilometer long and 20 meters wide. Waves here are pretty high and they make the beach a perfect spot for surfers and surfing competitions. In April - May sea turtles lay eggs here.

#3Castillo de Santa RosaCastillo de Santa Rosa

It is placed in Asuncion on Margarita island and opened daily 9am-6pm. Entrance fee is not fixed. On the observation deck you'll see a cannon and cannonballs and panoramic view.

#4Lighthouse Punta BallenaLighthouse Punta Ballena

28-meter lighthouse in the east of the island is constructed in Spanish colonial style. You can get to its top every day from 8am till 5pm for free.

#5Coche IslandCoche Island

The island is placed 8 kilometers from Margarita island. You can get here by motorboat from El Yaque beach for $50-70. The island is almost deserted, but it's a good spot for snorkeling and kiting lovers.

#6San Carlos de Borromeo FortressSan Carlos de Borromeo Fortress

Inside the fortress there is the Museum of the fight for Venezuelan independence and 4 observation towers on the top. It's open from 8am till 6pm (break - from 12pm till 2pm).

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