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Things to do 35

#4Get on the top of the Burj Khalifa in DubaiGet on the top of the Burj KhalifaMargaret Cain

Get on the observation deck of the world’s highest building - the view from up there is just fascinating!

AED 125Burj Khalifa
#10Swim in the Trevi Fountain in RomeSwim in the Trevi FountainMargaret Cain

If anyone wants to do something unusual and forbidden, they can swim in the famous fountain in Rome - Trevi Fountain!

€500Trevi Fountain
#5Climb the Eiffel Tower in ParisClimb the Eiffel TowerMargaret Cain

Rise to the top of the main symbol of Paris and appreciate all the beauty of the city from a bird's-eye view.

€17Eiffel Tower
#8See murales on SardiniaSee muralesMargaret Cain

Stroll through the art museum in the open air among many houses, painted a picture of life in Sardinia.

#1Swim with pigs in George TownSwim with pigsMargaret Cain

Share the joy of a beach holiday in a small uninhabited island in the Bahamas with pigs — this is a matchless experience, indeed.

FREEPig Beach
#1Watch the blue flame of the Ijen Volcano on Java islandWatch the blue flame of the Ijen VolcanoMargaret Cain

Every night, the Ijen Volcano crater, on the island of Java, is ignited with blue flame. This spectacle impresses deeply.

Rp15000Ijen Volcano
#1Feed freshwater sharks in lake Nicaragua in GranadaFeed freshwater sharks in lake NicaraguaMargaret Cain

This freshwater lake is home to sharks, once inhabited only the seas and oceans.

Lake Nicaragua
#12Visit the witch's house on SardiniaVisit the witch's houseMargaret Cain

Look into the tomb hewn in the rock, where, according to the legends live little fairies or clumsy witches.

€3Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju
#3Walk through the alley of love in MarmarisWalk through the alley of loveMargaret Cain

Do you want your love to last forever? accotding to the legend, it's easy - you just have to walk along the alley holding hands.

FREEAlley of love
#32Try the best French ice cream in ParisTry the best French ice creamMargaret Cain

If you can not live without the delicious desserts and sweets, you should definitely try the most mouth-watering Parisian ice cream.

€2.50Berthillon Cafe
#1Take a husky sleigh ride in RovaniemiTake a husky sleigh rideMargaret Cain

Take a husky sleigh ride along the snow-covered trails of Lapland. The exotic trip will give you a fairytale experience.

#17Walk along the narrowest street in PragueWalk along the narrowest streetMargaret Cain

To walk along "one person's street" (70 cm width), you'll have to stand in line at a pedestrian traffic lights :)

FREEVinarna Certovka Street
#2Bring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken Relationships in ZagrebBring your exhibit to the Museum of Broken RelationshipsMargaret Cain

Did not have the heart to throw your ex's things out of the window? Bring them right here!

FREEMuseum of Broken Relationships
#36Try foie gras in ParisTry foie grasMargaret Cain

The most tender and delicate pate of fat goose or duck liver is considered to be an object of French national pride.

#10Feed swans in Stryiskyi park in LvivFeed swans in Stryiskyi parkMargaret Cain

Place that used to be a closed down cemetery now is a park where you can enjoy tranquility and feed snow white birds.

Stryiskyi park
#6Try the ensalada rusa in SevilleTry the ensalada rusaMargaret Cain

Taste the national Russian festive salad which is also a traditional dish in Spanish only in their own interpretation.

#8See the biggest European clock in ZurichSee the biggest European clockMargaret Cain

Wherever you are in Zurich, you can easily sea St.Peter's Church's tower with the huge face of the clock on it.

FREESt. Peter Church
#24Try knedliky in PragueTry knedlikyMargaret Cain

It's a czech snack from dough or potato with or without filling. It has the form of a ball or a loaf. Sometimes knedliky are served as a main course.

#8Try the meat of the sacrificed animal in MarmarisTry the meat of the sacrificed animalMargaret Cain

On the most important Turkish holiday right on the streets, you can try the meat of sacrificed animals.

#57Try trippa in RomeTry trippaMargaret Cain

The traditional italian dish "trippa" is made of beef tripe. Trippa can look like a soup or even like a fast-food.

#55Try zeppole in RomeTry zeppoleMargaret Cain

Sweet delicacy named zeppole - is an Italian donut field with a dilicious pasty cream and fried in boiling oil.

#1Go kayaking around Ha Long Bay grottoes in Ha LongGo kayaking around Ha Long Bay grottoesMargaret Cain

Go kayaking around picturesque Ha Long bay and go inside a stalactic cave.

VND 886000Ha Long Bay
#63Try bucatini in RomeTry bucatiniMargaret Cain

Among all Italian pasta bucatini - spaghetti with a hole - occupies a special place. Taste it in Rome.

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