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Ijen Volcanoon Java island, Indonesia

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On Java, here is the active volcano Ijen, which erupts hydrogen sulphide. This phenomenon seems beautiful on the photo, but it is detrimental to the population of the island.
Ijen Volcano, Java
Ijen Volcano is called «wet», which means active. It is erupted about 10 times for the modern history, blazing at the same time with a blue flame. Millions of photographers are trying to shot this phenomenon with a camera, local residents earn a living, collecting frozen lava. And only environmentalists sound the alarm - the world underestimates how dangerous the volcano really is!

Ijen Volcano eruption
Photo: Ijen Volcano eruption

The blue flame of the volcano is emitted by lava, which contain the hydrogen sulphide burning under the pressure of a hot gas.

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#1Watch the blue flame of the Ijen Volcano on Java islandWatch the blue flame of the Ijen VolcanoMargaret Cain

Every night, the Ijen Volcano crater, on the island of Java, is ignited with blue flame. This spectacle impresses deeply.

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Ijen Volcano on the map

Location: Ijen Volcano, East Java


Guest23 June 2024