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Take a husky sleigh ride in Rovaniemi

Take a husky sleigh ride along the snow-covered trails of Lapland. The exotic trip will give you a fairytale experience.


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Take a husky sleigh ride

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Would you like to take a special trip around the enchanted places in Lapland? The blue-eyed huskies will show you the way and will be pleased to give you a sleigh ride along the snow-covered trails of this amazing region.

For ages, the peoples of the North have been using dog teams for riding and transporting cargos. Special sled dogs have been bred for these purposes: in Lapland they are the husky dogs. Today, special routes have been developed for travelers wishing to see Santa's homeland and for thrill-seekers setting off to lengthy husky safaris.

At special dog farms they will offer you the necessary outfit and footwear, instruct you on the ride, give you a sleigh with a team of five dogs - and you are fully equipped to start on your trip. The smart dogs know every route, you just need to slow down when descending the slopes, in order to keep the distance between the sleighs.

The trip takes about one hour, but you can opt for longer routes. You shouldn’t think that running in a sleigh is more than the huskies can bear. The huskies like running as much as eating.


Guest26 July 2017
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