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What to do in Rovaniemi —
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8 things to do in Rovaniemi

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#1Take a husky sleigh ride in RovaniemiTake a husky sleigh rideMargaret Cain

Take a husky sleigh ride along the snow-covered trails of Lapland. The exotic trip will give you a fairytale experience.

#3Take a husky-drawn ride in RovaniemiTake a husky-drawn rideoddviser

Take a husky-drawn ride on the territory of Santa Clause's residence in Lapland.

€40Santa Claus Office
#2Visit Santa Clause's office in RovaniemiVisit Santa Clause's officeoddviser

Every day more than 500 000 people come to Santa. The same number of letters are sent to his elves.

FREESanta Claus Office
#4Take a reindeer-drawn sledge ride beyond the polar circle in RovaniemiTake a reindeer-drawn sledge ride beyond the polar circleoddviser

Reindeers are the best guides in the Arctic Circle conditions.

#5Drink a cocktail in an ice bar in RovaniemiDrink a cocktail in an ice baroddviser

Arctic snow hotel's bar is fully made of ice - from glasses to walls. The bar is open from December till March.

Arctic snow hotel
#6Watch the northern lights in RovaniemiWatch the northern lightsoddviser

The northern lights flicker more than 200 days a year - mostly the phenomenon occurs from September till March in the north Lapland.

#7Buy antler souvenir in RovaniemiBuy antler souveniroddviser

In Irene Kangasniemi's workshop you can not just buy unique souvenirs, but also make them on you own. Antlers are the most used material in the workshop.

Irene Kangasniemi's workshop
#8Take a snowmobile ride in RovaniemiTake a snowmobile rideoddviser

You can rent a snowmobile at the Santa Clause's office for €95 per hour. If you want to ride yourself you've got to have a driver's licence.

€75Santa Claus Office
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