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Take a husky-drawn ridein Rovaniemi, Finland

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Take a husky-drawn ride on the territory of Santa Clause's residence in Lapland.
How to take a husky-drawn ride in Rovaniemi
Husky-drawn sledge ride is a great possibility to get around snowy park. One sledge can seat 3-5 people.

Husky ride, Rovaniemi
Photo: Husky ride

Besides day rides at a distance of 500 and 2000 meters in husky park you can also take safari beyond the polar circle (€350 per 20-people group) or night husky safari to watch the northern lights.

Husky ride to the polar light, Rovaniemi

How to do?

1. Husky park is placed in Lapland on the territory of the Santa Clause residence 7 kilometers northward from Rovaniemi. You can get here by car down highway E75 (taxi from the city centre - about €25) or by bus №8 from the railway station.

2. Rides at a distance 500 and 2000 meters (except for groups of 10 people) are carried out on a first-come-first-served basis. Night safari and day-time rides beyond the Polar Circle (5000 meters) should be arranged in advance.

Where to do?

#1Santa Claus OfficeSanta Claus Office

Santa Clause office is placed 7 kilometers northward from Rovaniemi down highway E75. It is open all year round from 10am till 5pm, during New Year holidays - till 6pm. The entrance is free.

When to do?

You can take the ride all round the year - in summer they have special sledge.
In summer time - from 11am till 2pm, in winter time - from 10am till 4pm.
On winter holiday the park is open till 5pm.

How much?

Entrance ticket to the parks is €10.

Husky-drawn ride at a distance of 500 meters - €30 for adults, €15 for 4-12-year-olds.

2000-meter distance ride - €40 for adults (on New Year holiday from 15.12 till 09.01 - €45 per person), €25 for 4-12-year-olds.

1,5-2-hour night ride (beverages and snacks included):
€150 for adults, departure time at 6pm; €225 - departure time at 8pm;
€95 for 4-12-year-old children, departure time at 6pm, €170 - departure time at 8pm.


Guest24 June 2024

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#1Take a husky sleigh ride in RovaniemiTake a husky sleigh rideMargaret Cain

Take a husky sleigh ride along the snow-covered trails of Lapland. The exotic trip will give you a fairytale experience.

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Reindeers are the best guides in the Arctic Circle conditions.

#2Visit Santa Clause's office in RovaniemiVisit Santa Clause's officeoddviser

Every day more than 500 000 people come to Santa. The same number of letters are sent to his elves.

FREESanta Claus Office
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