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What to see in Rovaniemi —
5 places to visit

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4 places to visit in Rovaniemi

#1Santa Claus OfficeSanta Claus Office

Santa Clause office is placed 7 kilometers northward from Rovaniemi down highway E75. It is open all year round from 10am till 5pm, during New Year holidays - till 6pm. The entrance is free.


The port city on the shore of the Bothnian Bay, which is called "The sea gate of Lapland". Here you can go for a salmon fishing and skiing.

#3Arctic snow hotelArctic snow hotel

It is located 26 kilometers northwestward from Rovaniemi city. From December till March you can stay in ice little houses (from €130) or rooms with panoramic roof. There is also a snow bar and a restaurant.

#4Irene Kangasniemi's workshopIrene Kangasniemi's workshop

The workshop where you can buy leather souvenirs and try to make them yourself is located 10km northward from Rovaniemi. Excursion to the workshop is €36.

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