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Swim with pigsin George Town, The Bahamas

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Share the joy of a beach holiday in a small uninhabited island in the Bahamas with pigs — this is a matchless experience, indeed.
How to swim with pigs in George Town
There is a small uninhabited island in the Bahamas, which cute pigs have taken fancy to. No one knows exactly where they came from to Big Major Cay, though there are several versions trying to explain the fact.

Some people believe, that the pigs were brought here by pirates as food supply. For some reason, the pirates never returned to the island, leaving it at pigs' disposal. However, most likely it’s just another marketing ploy of travel agencies. One should admit that the ploy proved to be a catchy one, as a visit to Pig Island is on the must-do list of almost all tourists on holiday in the Bahamas.

Guests can not only watch the pigs, but also share the pleasures of relaxing on the beach with them. You can splash in the turquoise waters with the funny piglets, too, as they are excellent swimmers. And after having fun in the sea, you can take pictures to keep the memory of this adventure and then sunbathe on the beach, with the pigs gladly keeping you company.

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#1Pig Beach in George TownPig Beach

The beach of this desert island is inhabited by 20 funny pigs, swimming, sunbathing and posing for pictures together with the tourists.


Guest13 April 2024