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Go kayaking around Ha Long Bay grottoesin Ha Long, Vietnam

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Go kayaking around picturesque Ha Long bay and go inside a stalactic cave.
How to go kayaking around Ha Long Bay grottoes in Ha Long
Ha Long Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin is one of New 7 Wonders of Nature. Thousands of limestone islands overgrown with jungles are scattered around a 1500-square-kilometer sea territory. Under its rocks there are secret grottoes and rocks created by wind and water.

Ha Long Bay, Ha Long

How to do?

1. You can book a kayaking tour in one of tour operators in Hanoi, for example, here. Ha Long Bay is a one-hour drive from the capital city. The departure is normally at 8am. The tour includes free of charge transfer from and to your hotel.

2. In Ha Long Bay a cruise boat will wait for you with beverages and lunch on board. Then you'll have an excursion to stalactitic cave Thien Cung.

Ha Long Bay Cave, Ha Long
Photo: © proberts267 | flickr

3. Before the sun goes down you can take a kayak ride to secret grottoes inside the rocks and around picturesque islands. After coming back on a cruise boat - see orange sunset over the most beautiful bay of Vietnam.

Where to do?

#0Ha Long BayHa Long Bay

The bay that includes more than 3000 islands and also rocks, cliffs and caves is located 170 kilometers eastward from Hanoi. The easiest way to get here is to take an excursion. Ha Long is the main port city most cruise boats depart from.

How much?

One-day tour to Ha Long bay costs from $39 and includes air-conditioner bus transfer, lunch, kayaking and a cave visit.


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