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Thailand things to do & places to visit

Thailand is the most popular destination in South-Eastern Asia. It offers a variety of options when it comes to exotic vacations, from popular sex tours to safaris or searching for enlightenment in Buddhist monasteries and temples.

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Regions in Thailand 6


Phuket is a mix of fairy tale shows and spicy entertainment! You will experience a firework of emotions for a wide range of exotic fruits, encountering rare species of animals as well as beautiful beaches for all tastes.

likes in Phuket1617Things to do in Phuket114Places to visit in Phuket54

Pattaya will leave no one bored — it is an amazing resort that appeals with the hottest night parties but also impressive during the day. From mage-extreme entertainment to calm long walks along the most spectacular views.

likes in Pattaya1106Things to do in Pattaya66Places to visit in Pattaya43

The city of contrasts, and the epicenter of Thai life that never sleeps. Bangkok is a magnetic place with beautiful ancient temples, spectacular views from the rooftops of skyscrapers and the most exotic cuisine.

likes in Bangkok695Things to do in Bangkok43Places to visit in Bangkok56
Koh Samui
Koh Samui

Samui is the loveliest island of the Surattani province. Its best features are the natural sights - magnificent beaches, waterfalls, gardens and the beauties of tropical forests. It also offers adventures of all kinds.

likes on Koh Samui240Things to do on Koh Samui14Places to visit on Koh Samui14
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a very atmospheric and green city. It attracts visitors with a lot of exciting adventures that one can try to implement - for example, to take a ride on an elephant, try rafting or visit the Night Market.

likes in Chiang Mai100Things to do in Chiang Mai1Places to visit in Chiang Mai1

Koh Chang is an Island Reserve, where water sports are forbidden, where are no enterprises and industries, only mountains, beaches and pristine jungles. Ecologically clean resort with an amazing underwater world and a big amount of elephants.

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Things to do in Thailand 81

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See thousands of sky lanterns at the Mae Jo event in Chiang Mai
oddviserSee thousands of sky lanterns at the Mae Jo event#1 of 1 things to do in Chiang Mai

Travelers often confuse the Mae Jo event with other holidays, but they are not as atmospheric as Mae Jo.

How much: from ฿3500#unusual#authentic#views#holidays#romanticLanna Dhutanka temple
Hatch baby crocodiles from eggs in Pattaya
oddviserHatch baby crocodiles from eggs#1 of 66 things to do in Pattaya

The period from May to August in the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the time when you can try hatching baby crocodiles from their eggs.

How much: from ฿450#crocodiles#crocodiles#animals#unusual#aww#selfie#kids#educationalSriracha Tiger Zoo
Ride the underwater bike in Phuket
Kateryna PlakhotnaRide the underwater bike#1 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Rent the underwater bike and have the high-level adventure right on the other side of the ocean’s surface.

How much: from ฿3200#unusual#attractions#extreme#active Phuket
Feed the Megabat in Phuket
Eugene KrasowskiFeed the Megabat#2 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Find the flock of megabats and get the fruit snacks ready (their favorites are mango, papaya and avocado).

How much: free#megabats#unusual#animals#free Phuket
Celebrate Songkran New Year in Phuket
Eugene KrasowskiCelebrate Songkran New Year#3 of 114 things to do in Phuket

The tradition of impetuous water splashing during this holiday not only cheers up but is believed to purify souls.

How much: free#holidays#free#authentic#fun#unusual Phuket
Night-Time Squid Fishing in Pattaya
oddviserNight-Time Squid Fishing#2 of 66 things to do in Pattaya

Now this is an adventure along the lines of Jack Sparrow, though you might be facing an encounter of a bit lesser dimensions.

How much: from ฿1799#squids#animals#unusual#activePattaya
Feed a giraffe in Bangkok
oddviserFeed a giraffe#1 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

In Dusit Zoo you can see, pet and even feed a giraffe with carrots and bananas.

How much: from ฿100#giraffes#animals#aww Dusit Zoo
Go to Big Buddha in Phuket
oddviserGo to Big Buddha#4 of 114 things to do in Phuket

From the top of the observation deck you will see an amazing view opening on the major part of the island.

How much: free#temples#strolling#free#viewsBig Buddha
Ride a motor-cross in the jungle in Phuket
oddviserRide a motor-cross in the jungle#5 of 114 things to do in Phuket

A cross-country ride in the wild jungle on a real cross motorbike? Where do we sign up?

How much: from ฿1500#motorbikes#jungle#active#unusual#nature Motor-cross in the jungle
Surf on artificial waves in Phuket
Kateryna PlakhotnaSurf on artificial waves#6 of 114 things to do in Phuket

If you ever wanted to learn surfing, it’s high time you do it when you come to Phuket! Catch waves at any time and in any weather.

How much: from ฿1000#surfing#active#attractions#fun Surf House Phuket
Try durian in Phuket
Kateryna PlakhotnaTry durian#7 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Durian is considered to be a «king of fruits», but be prepared for the stark dissonance between its pleasant taste and terrible smell.

How much: from ฿100#fruits#food Phuket
Take a selfie with a guard at the Grand Palace in Bangkok
oddviserTake a selfie with a guard at the Grand Palace#2 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

The austere guards will be so kind as to grant you a selfie with them for the good memory.

How much: from ฿350#selfie#unusual#free#fun#strolling Grand Palace
Make a wish at the Big Buddha on Koh Samui
CherryMake a wish at the Big Buddha#1 of 14 things to do on Koh Samui

Invoke luck, clean karma and make a wish at the statue of the Great Buddha – according to Thai beliefs it will certainly come true.

How much: free#temples#authentic#mystic#freeBig Buddha
Ride in a boat on the canals of Bangkok in Bangkok
DarinaRide in a boat on the canals of Bangkok#3 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

Do not miss the opportunity to boat on the sacred river Chao Phraya River and its canals.

How much: from ฿15#strolling#authentic#unusual#strolling Bangkok
See cockfights in Phuket
Ай ХантерSee cockfights#8 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Fierce battles of bellicose birds are not meant for everyone’s eyes, but the stakes in these battles reach incredible heights.

How much: free#cocks#unusual#authentic#animals#antikarma#shows#free#adults Phuket
Watch the plane landing in a glissade in Phuket
oddviserWatch the plane landing in a glissade#9 of 114 things to do in Phuket

The magnificence of planes flying right above your head will forever capture your heart.

How much: free#planes#unusual#free Mai Khao beach
Ride a quad bike in the jungle in Phuket
oddviserRide a quad bike in the jungle#10 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Extreme quad biking in the jungle will be a bright flash back of Thailand.

How much: from ฿800#quads#active#jungle#nature Phuchada Safari Park
Visit a floating market in Bangkok
oddviserVisit a floating market#4 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

A vibrant traditional Thai market on the water, where you can buy souvenirs and fruits, and try some local dishes.

How much: free#markets#unusual#authentic#free#strolling Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Get on the roof of the highest skyscraper in Bangkok
Kateryna PlakhotnaGet on the roof of the highest skyscraper#5 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

A high-speed glass elevator will take you to the observation platform at a height of 309 meters.

How much: from ฿300#skyscrapers#views Baiyoke Sky Tower
Visit a robot restaurant in Bangkok
Anna GrishinaVisit a robot restaurant#6 of 43 things to do in Bangkok

Have a dinner in an unusual setting — here you will be waited on by real Japanese samurai robots.

How much: from ฿350#robots#unusualHajime Robot Restaurant
Visit an operating aircraft carrier in Pattaya
Alex LikeVisit an operating aircraft carrier#8 of 66 things to do in Pattaya

An operating aircraft carrier is no ordinary kind of entertainment and is hard to be ignored.

How much: free#unusual#freeSattahip Naval Base
Dinner at a Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd floor in Pattaya
oddviserDinner at a Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd floor#9 of 66 things to do in Pattaya

Have an unusual romantic dinner at a revolving restaurant at the height of over 200 meters.

How much: from ฿540#restaurants#unusual#views#selfiePattaya Park Tower
Walking on the ceiling in the upside down house in Phuket
oddviserWalking on the ceiling in the upside down house#14 of 114 things to do in Phuket

Here you can walk on the ceiling of the house capturing this on the most unusual photos!

How much: from ฿340#attractions#kids#fun Upside down house
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Places to visit in Thailand 55

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Lanna Dhutanka temple in Chiang Mai
Lanna Dhutanka temple#1 of 1 places to visit in Chiang Mai

Lanna Dhutanka temple is famous for one of the most magnificent spectacles in the world that takes place here - the mass sky lanterns release during the Mae Jo event.

#temples#sightsChiang Mai
The Phuket Zoo in Phuket
The Phuket Zoo#2 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

A great place for a family vacation and a true joy for animal lovers — the animals here aren’t just locked behind bars of the cage, they take parts in all sorts of outstanding shows.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Pattaya
Khao Kheow Open Zoo#1 of 43 places to visit in Pattaya

In this extraordinary zoo, not only can you see uncaged animals roaming about, but also stay overnight in a cozy tent in its territory.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya
Sriracha Tiger Zoo#2 of 43 places to visit in Pattaya

The zoo is home to around 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles, to say nothing of the other animals! You can take pictures with the predators and feed them.

Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya
Nong Nooch Garden#3 of 43 places to visit in Pattaya

Nong Nooch secured itself a place in the Guinness World Records book for being the largest botanical garden in South-East Asia and holding the biggest private collection of plants.

Big Buddha in Phuket
Big Buddha#3 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

The huge white marble statue of Buddha is no less impressive itself than the breathtaking view from the hill on which it is situated.

Upside down house in Phuket
Upside down house#4 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

An attraction, where everything is turned upside down — you can walk on the ceiling with ease and then surprise your friends with the most unusual photos!

Mai Khao beach in Phuket
Mai Khao beach#5 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

The beach in the North of the island, next to the Phuket airport, is a part of the Sirinat park. Here you can watch planes glissading.

Siam Ocean World Aquarium in Bangkok
Siam Ocean World Aquarium#1 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

Immerse in the Little Mermaid fairy-tale in Bangkok’s huge aquarium — here you’ll be surrounded by sea stars and multicolored fish, penguins and otters, rays and sharks.

Phuchada Safari Park in Phuket
Phuchada Safari Park#6 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

A great place for an active leisure with friends and kids — here you can find exciting things to do for all members of the family!

Monkey Hill in Phuket
Monkey Hill#7 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

This place is perfect to relax in the wild nature and enjoy the beautiful views in the company of funny monkeys.

Amusement park Dream World in Bangkok
Amusement park Dream World#2 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

The park has 4 themed areas, each of them can compete for the title of the most interesting one. Yet the most extraordinary entertainment here is the opportunity to play in the snow in the height of hot summer!

Baiyoke Sky Tower in Bangkok
Baiyoke Sky Tower#3 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

Feel like an astronaut when getting to the top of one of the highest (309 m) buildings in the city – a high-speed elevator will whisk you almost into the space like a rocket!

Dusit Zoo in Bangkok
Dusit Zoo#4 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

It is rather small in size, but one of the most popular zoos in Bangkok. There are more than 1,600 species of different animals.

Surf House Phuket in Phuket
Surf House Phuket#8 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

It is a must-visit place where you can catch the wave in any weather, and also enjoy excellent cocktails.

Grand Palace in Bangkok
Grand Palace#5 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

A magnificent 18th century ensemble comprising museums, a library and the temple of the Emerald Buddha — this is a must-see for any visitor to Bangkok.

Big Buddha on Koh Samui
Big Buddha#1 of 14 places to visit on Koh Samui

For the local residents, the statue of Big Buddha is the most sacred and revered place, with a deep religious background.

#monuments#sightsKoh Samui
Motor-cross in the jungle in Phuket
Motor-cross in the jungle#9 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

Motor-cross in the jungle is a place to choose your own bike, and find the mindblowing adventure of a lifetime on the most unpredictable and challenging tracks.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Bangkok
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market#6 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

It is the most flamboyant place in Thailand – it features tens of boats all over the canal, where merchants cook meals over an open fire and sell exotic produce.

Jomtien Dive Center in Pattaya
Jomtien Dive Center#7 of 43 places to visit in Pattaya

The competent staff from the Jomtien Dive Center will do every single thing to make your submersion safe and fun.

«Oriental Massage» Parlour in Phuket
«Oriental Massage» Parlour#10 of 54 places to visit in Phuket

A great place to relax and enjoy — here you will be able to choose the procedures for health and beauty, suitable to you.

Pattaya Park Tower in Pattaya
Pattaya Park Tower#8 of 43 places to visit in Pattaya

Pattaya Park Tower is the tallest and most prominent building in Pattaya worth visiting.

Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok
Hajime Robot Restaurant#7 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

At this Japanese restaurant you can order ready meals or cook them by yourself, but its main feature is its robot waiters!

Wat Saket in Bangkok
Wat Saket#8 of 56 places to visit in Bangkok

The Golden Mount is a fabulous islet of peace in the heart of the bustling metropolis. The way along a winding path is not less beautiful than the temple on the top!


Tours in Thailand 1

Cuisine Adventure
Cuisine Adventure

It is a real gastronomic adventure that you'll remember for a long time. You will discover the little secrets of great culinary delights of Thailand.

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Picks in Thailand 1

Top 10 most unusual adventures in Phuket
Top 10 most unusual adventures in Phuket

The most exclusive adventures for the most enthusiastic adventurers.