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Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya

The zoo is home to around 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles, to say nothing of the other animals! You can take pictures with the predators and feed them.


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Sriracha Tiger Zoo

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In 1997, the Tiger Zoo was opened within a half-an-hour ride from Pattaya. The uniqueness and scale of the reserve are so impressive, that as of today it has received more than 10 million visitors. That’s true! The number of tiger species and individual tigers here is indeed awe-inspiring – more than 200 of them, including endangered species.

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Hatch baby crocodiles from eggs in Pattaya
oddviserHatch baby crocodiles from eggs#1 of 66 things to do in Pattaya

The period from May to August in the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the time when you can try hatching baby crocodiles from their eggs.

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Sriracha Tiger Zoo on the map

Location: 341 Moo 3 | Nongkham, Sriracha, Chonburi

Open hours

every day from 09:30 to 18:00


Official website: http://www.tigerzoo.com
Phone: +66 3829 6556


Guest27 July 2017

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