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Khao Kheow Open Zooin Pattaya, Thailand

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In this extraordinary zoo, not only can you see uncaged animals roaming about, but also stay overnight in a cozy tent in its territory.
Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Pattaya
Khao Kheow Open Zoo has become a true home for about 300 animal species, such as elephants, tigers, hippos, monkeys, giraffes, roe deer, various birds and some rare and endangered species. Many of them ramble freely around the zoo’s territory, which makes this place look rather like a safari venue than a typical zoo. You can buy some special forage and feed the animals out of your hands – just make sure you’ve captured that moment on camera!

The park’s territory is enormous and very scenic, so it makes sense spending a whole day here or even staying for a night-time tour, which is an adventure in itself. Refreshments are provided in local cafés.

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#31Spend a night at the zoo in PattayaSpend a night at the zoooddviser

Spend a night in a comfy marquee tent right in the middle of an open space zoo where animals are free to stroll around.

#45Feed a Giraffe in PattayaFeed a GiraffeKateryna Plakhotna

Feed a giraffe out of your hands. It will happily accept lush grass and beanstalks as a treat.

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Khao Kheow Open Zoo on the map

Location: 235 Moo 7, Tumbom Bang Phra, Umphur Sri Racha in Chon Buri Province

Open hours

daily from 08:00 to 18:00


Official website: http://kkopenzoo.com
Phone: +66 (38) 298 188

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#7Jomtien Dive Center in PattayaJomtien Dive Center

The competent staff from the Jomtien Dive Center will do every single thing to make your submersion safe and fun.

#2Sriracha Tiger Zoo in PattayaSriracha Tiger Zoo

The zoo is home to around 200 tigers and 10,000 crocodiles, to say nothing of the other animals! You can take pictures with the predators and feed them.

#31Long neck Karen village in PattayaLong neck Karen village

An extraordinary village where all women are wearing massive stacks of rings around their necks.

#11The Sanctuary of Truth in PattayaThe Sanctuary of Truth

The 105-meter high wooden temple was made without a single nail. Thai people believe that here Buddha fulfils the mortals’ wishes.

#9Underwater World Pattaya aquarium in PattayaUnderwater World Pattaya aquarium

A compact yet very balanced aquarium boasting a long tunnel with transparent walls, with sharks and rays on display.

#8Pattaya Park Tower in PattayaPattaya Park Tower

Pattaya Park Tower is the tallest and most prominent building in Pattaya worth visiting.

#28Pattaya Fishing Park in PattayaPattaya Fishing Park

Pattaya Fishing Park is a dream of any avid fisherman. Huge pond is abundant with giant fish - try to catch enormous water inhabitants:)

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