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Feed a Giraffein Pattaya, Thailand

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Feed a giraffe out of your hands. It will happily accept lush grass and beanstalks as a treat.
How to feed a Giraffe in Pattaya
Are you fond of animals and willing to spend a night in the open air? Don’t miss your chance – go to Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Tens of animals are living uncaged, without bars and enclosures, in its huge territory. Besides, here you can feed a giraffe straight out of your hands.

What does this giant feed on? At the zoo, giraffes are given beanstalks, but they will gladly eat carrots as well. You can buy food for the long-necked cuties right on the spot, beside the place they live in. However, you can save some money by first checking on the tents by the zoo entrance. Here they sell forage for all the zoo residents at a much lower price.

While feeding the giraffe, you can take a closer look at it and even stroke its warm, soft muzzle, since the visitors’ platform is at the level of the animals’ heads. This adventure will appeal to adults and children alike. You need just a bit of deftness to add a couple of amazing shots to your family album!

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#1Khao Kheow Open Zoo in PattayaKhao Kheow Open Zoo

In this extraordinary zoo, not only can you see uncaged animals roaming about, but also stay overnight in a cozy tent in its territory.

Location: 235 Moo 7, Tumbom Bang Phra, Umphur Sri Racha in Chon Buri Province
Open hours: daily from 08:00 to 18:00
Phone: +66 (38) 298 188
Official website: http://kkopenzoo.com
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More things to do in Pattaya

#13Make a wish in the Sanctuary of Truth in PattayaMake a wish in the Sanctuary of Truthoddviser

The impressive temple is oozing powerful energy, thus making you believe that wishes made here can really come true.

FREEThe Sanctuary of Truth
#31Spend a night at the zoo in PattayaSpend a night at the zoooddviser

Spend a night in a comfy marquee tent right in the middle of an open space zoo where animals are free to stroll around.

3100Khao Kheow Open Zoo
#42Visit the village of Long neck Karen people in PattayaVisit the village of Long neck Karen peopleoddviser

In the Long neck Karen village you can see the famous belles with rings elongating their necks.

250Long neck Karen village
#1Hatch baby crocodiles from eggs in PattayaHatch baby crocodiles from eggsoddviser

The period from May to August in the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the time when you can try hatching baby crocodiles from their eggs.

450Sriracha Tiger Zoo
#48Go fishing for huge catfish in PattayaGo fishing for huge catfishВера Архипова

If you still don't have cool selfies with a big fish, head to the fishing park in Pattaya town for huge catfish and awesome pictures.

Pattaya Fishing Park
#8Visit an operating aircraft carrier in PattayaVisit an operating aircraft carrierAlex Like

An operating aircraft carrier is no ordinary kind of entertainment and is hard to be ignored.

FREESattahip Naval Base
#9Dinner at a Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd floor in PattayaDinner at a Revolving Restaurant on the 52nd flooroddviser

Have an unusual romantic dinner at a revolving restaurant at the height of over 200 meters.

540Pattaya Park Tower
#21Dive into the aquarium with sharks in PattayaDive into the aquarium with sharksoddviser

The underwater world strikes with the diversity of its inhabitants, as well as the opportunity to take an extreme dive into the aquarium with sharks!

500Underwater World Pattaya aquarium
#56Dive to a shipwreck in PattayaDive to a shipwreckoddviser

Set off to the wreck of HTMS Hardeep ship that was sunk by the Japanese bombing aircrafts during the World War II.

2500Jomtien Dive Center
#12Visit the Buffalo Race in PattayaVisit the Buffalo Raceoddviser

Become a witness of a breathtaking contest. The ancient tradition of buffalo race is one of the most emotional events in Thailand, too.

#2Night-Time Squid Fishing in PattayaNight-Time Squid Fishingoddviser

Now this is an adventure along the lines of Jack Sparrow, though you might be facing an encounter of a bit lesser dimensions.

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