Basilica of Saint Clement in Rome

This is a small and modest Basilica is located near the Colosseum and keeps the ancient treasures that will delight all lovers of antiquities.

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Basilica of Saint Clement

#17 of 45 things to do in Rome
Basilica of Saint Clement is a three-tiered complex of buildings: the Basilica of the 12th century, the early Christian basilica of the 6th century and the lower tiers of the 1st century AD.

Basilica is full of early Christian symbols, you can find the relics of Saint Clement, Ignatius of Antioch, and Saint Cyril (who co-invented the Glagolitic alphabet ).

On the lower tiers of the Basilica is located Mithraeum dedicated to the cult of Mithras. This ancient structure, delicate and majestic, brings awe to everyone that is not indifferent to history.

Region: Rome, Italy

Location: via Labicana, 95

Open hours: from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

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Go down to the Mithraeum in Rome
Super Сrabe Go down to the Mithraeum#38 of 45 things to do in Rome

Go down to Temple of Mithras into the basement of the ancient basilica and knelt before the deity consent and sunlight :)

How much: from 10 euros#authentic#strolling#mysticBasilica of Saint Clement
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Rome Catacombs & Crypt
Rome Catacombs & Crypt

Visit the world’s largest underground burial channels which are a testament to the world’s largest ancient Christian community.

Price from 73 euros#tours


Guest28 April 2017

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