Janiculum hill in Rome

This hill is called the eighth hill of Rome, on top of it is a lighthouse and a monument of Garibaldi, this is a great place to relax and explore Rome.


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Janiculum hill

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It is ideal for quiet walks, here you will not see tourists and you can enjoy views of the Eternal City in complete solitude.

On the hill there are magnificent monuments, the lighthouse, which was a gift to Rome by Italian immigrants living in Argentina, and a magnificent fountain, in its beauty reminiscent of the famous Trevi Fountain.

To get to the Janiculum hill, you can walk on foot from Trastevere or from the embankment of the Tiber from the Vatican.

Region: Rome, Italy

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Climb the Janiculum hill in Rome
oddviser Climb the Janiculum hill#19 of 45 things to do in Rome

From the eighth hill of Rome you will see breathtaking view of the Tiber, St. Peter's Basilica and all the Eternal City.

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