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Watch sealsin Reykjavik, Iceland

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The seals in Iceland are accustomed to attention - they are not afraid of people and posing in front of the cameras.
How to watch seals in Reykjavik
On the west coast of Iceland, here is a seals beach. It is not suitable for swimming people, but very famous among the northern seals.

At the Ytri-Tunga beach, near the farm with the same name, the seals colonies swim to ashore to arrange a rookery here.

Seal colony near the Ytri-Tunga, Reykjavik

Females with offspring stay away from human attention resting on the rocks in 50-70 meters away from the shore. Young curious males often swim closer (at 8-10 meters), get out of the water and flirt with tourists. That is a long-awaited moment when you can take a picture of a seal smiling or winking at you.

Seal smiling, Reykjavik

How to do?

1. Rent a car in Reykjavik (you need an international driver's license and a driving experience of 1 year) and drive 150 kilometers along route No. 54, which leads to the national park of Snaefellsnes. At the site where the route runs along the coast, go by the sign of Ytri-Tunga Farm.

2. Come to watch seals as early as possible, while they won't get tired of the people's attention. If you got here in the evening - you can spend the night on the farm (for one person - €40, better book a room in advance).

Where to do?

#8Ytri-Tunga BeachYtri-Tunga Beach

Tiny rocky beach on the Western coast of Iceland. During the last decade, it is inhabited only with the seals.

Location: on the southcoast of Snaefellsnes peninsula

When to do?

The best period of time to watch seals is June-July.

How much?

Car rental with minimum insurance and tank fuelling - approximately €70 per day.

Tips and hints

• In order to save on car rental book it at least three weeks in advance. Take a GPS-navigator with you - it could be charged additionally.

• A powerful photographic lens would be very usefull to take a macro shot - the seals mostly steer clear off the tourists.


Guest18 May 2024

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