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Take a bath in hot springsin Reykjavik, Iceland

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Experience the healing power of the famous geothermal springs of Iceland.
How to take a bath in hot springs in Reykjavik
One of the distinctive features of Iceland is clean and, moreover, health-giving water right from natural geothermal springs in water taps. Maybe, that's the reason why the Icelanders stay so young and beautiful for so long? Besides, there's even no special equipment for heating the water, as the nature itself took care of it.

So what is so special about Icelandic hot springs, if they are often the primary cause why thousands of travelers come to the country, and if bathing in geothermal pools is recommended not only by cosmetologists, but by doctors, too?

The thing is that local hot springs have unique healing powers due to the presence of minerals, sea salt, and algae in them. These substances have beneficial effect on the skin and can cure different dermatological diseases.

Hot springs can be both wild and well-equipped, the example of the latter ones being the popular Blue Lagoon complex. Here, they have established a wonderful geothermal spa around the natural pools, both health-giving and extremely pleasant to visit.

Firstly, Blue Lagoon is situated in magnificent surroundings, full of bright greenery, mountainous landscapes and hardened lava accumulations, while the water itself has a surreal milky blue tint. Secondly, you can relax here even in winter, as the water keeps the temperature up to 40 degrees.

An opportunity of visiting the spa at night under the glorious starred sky of Iceland will be a pleasant bonus for romantic hearts.

Opening hours:
From June 1st to June 30th — 09:00 – 21:00
From July 1st to August 15th — 09:00 – 00:00
From August 16th to August 30th — 09:00 – 21:00
From September 1st to May 31st — 10:00 – 20:00

Blue Lagoon is closed for Christmas and New Year holidays (see the site for the schedule from 23.12 to 01.01).

Where to do?

#4Blue Lagoon in ReykjavikBlue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon spa resort is matchless, as its location and powers are truly unique.

How much?

The ticket price varies according to the season:
From 33 EUR per adult, 15 EUR per child aged 14-15 years.
From 40 EUR per adult, 15 EUR per child aged 14-15 years.
The entrance is free for children aged under 14 years, if accompanied by an adult.


Guest24 May 2024

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#11Climb the Hallgrímskirkja in ReykjavikClimb the HallgrímskirkjaKateryna Plakhotna

Go to the top of the steeple to enjoy an astounding view of Reykjavík and the mountainous landscape on the horizon.

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#10Listen to organ music in the Hallgrímskirkja in ReykjavikListen to organ music in the HallgrímskirkjaKateryna Plakhotna

The beautiful organ music will leave no judge's heart untouched!

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#9Watch seals in ReykjavikWatch sealsAlex Like

The seals in Iceland are accustomed to attention - they are not afraid of people and posing in front of the cameras.

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Indulge in a two-in-one entertainment — a delicious dinner and a fantastic city view in one place!

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Visit one of the most fabulous places on the planet - an azure ice cave, looking like an ocean, frozen above your head.

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