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Drive a race car along the Formula 1 circuitin Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Formula 1 Grand Prix takes the Yas Marina Circuit only a few days a year.
How to drive a race car along the Formula 1 circuit in Abu Dhabi
Formula 1 first race took place on Yas Marina Circuit in 2009. Innovative race track is surrounded by coastline, it has 21 turns and the longest F1 straight line - 1173 meters. The racetrack enables to accelerate up to 360km/h.

The very first Formula 1 race started at the dayligth, and ended late in the evening, Abu Dhabi
Photo: The very first Formula 1 race started at the dayligth, and ended late evening, © Paolo Rosa

Between Formula 1 race cup championship, Yas Marina Circuit is free, and it means you can drive Formula Yas 3000 iconic race car, also Aston Martin, Chevrolet Camaro and Ferrari 458GT sports cars.

Formula Yas 3000, Abu Dhabi
Photo: Formula Yas 3000, © Rachel Clarke

Four more cars will take the circuit with you just to get thrill of the race and competitive spirit.

How to do?

1. You can buy a race car driving on official web site of the race circuit or at the Yas Marina stall in Ferrari World from Tuesday till Sunday (12:00 - 22:00). Come here 30 minutes before the appointed time; you can get to the Formula 1 circuit through West Gate 20 entrance.

2. To get behind the race car's wheel you've got to have international driver's license and sufficient driving experience. If you are technically challenged, take a private driving class with an instructor (1500 dirhams, book in advance), or you'll be just a co-driver on a passenger seat.

3. Instructor greets an experienced driver, gives out a uniform and a helmet, and instructions - instructor will drive you in a Renault Sport car along all the way, show turns and manoeuvres on the route. Then he'll guide Formula Yas 3000 race car itinerary and let you behind the wheel - start up an engine and hit the gas! Formula 1 session lasts one hour - the same time as Grand Prix race.

Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi
Photo: Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit, © Beric | Flickr

Where to do?

#18Yas Marina Race TrackYas Marina Race Track

The place of the first Formula 1 race, where the cars move counter-clockwise and can gather speed to 360 km/h.

Location: Yas island, Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971 0 2 659 9800
Official website: https://www.yasmarinacircuit.com/en

When to do?

Any day except for the period when Formula 1 race cup competition takes place — look up the timetable on the official web site.

How much?

Driving Formula Yas 3000 race car costs 1750 dirhams, Aston Martin GT4 Drive - 1750 dirhams, Chevrolet Camaro - 560 dirhams. Ferrari 458 GT Drive session is 4000 dirhams. Private driving lesson along the race circuit (1 hour) is 1500 dirhams.

Tips and hints

• Video shooting only by prior approval.
• Take clothes covering arms and legs.
• There is no refund. In case of bad weather conditions the race is rescheduled to another date.
• Be careful, hydraulics of the wheel in a race car is high - sudden and quick movements can throw you off a course.


Guest29 January 2023

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