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Things to do 10

#1See sleeping cachalots in KaikouraSee sleeping cachalotsTouchstone

In the Pacific Ocean near the South Island of New Zealand, you can watch 50 tons in weight cachalots all year round.

NZD 150
#27Dive with fishes in Skinaria on CreteDive with fishes in SkinariaTouchstone

The seabed of Skinaria is one of the richest on the island. You will see unusual algae, many different small fish and even octopuses.

€80Skinaria Beach
#23Drive a race car along the Formula 1 circuit in Abu DhabiDrive a race car along the Formula 1 circuitTouchstone

Formula 1 Grand Prix takes the Yas Marina Circuit only a few days a year.

AED 1750Yas Marina Race Track
#8Make a wish at the pipe chimney monument in LvivMake a wish at the pipe chimney monumentTouchstone

The pipe chimney will fulfill your most cherished desire, if you throw a coin into his hat.

#6Saint Stephen's Basilica in BudapestSaint Stephen's BasilicaTouchstone

From the observation deck you will see a panorama of the city. It is the biggest cathedral in Budapest. It is more than 100 years old.

#22Take a boat ride in Holosiivskyi park in KievTake a boat ride in Holosiivskyi parkTouchstone

Get into the boat, take the oars and go to contemplate the beauty of the Holosiivskyi forest. And don`t forget to take many pictures.

UAH 40
#10Buy castanets for flamenco in SevilleBuy castanets for flamencoTouchstone

Do you hear this loud roar on the streets? Do not rush to run for the umbrella, it's not thunder, it's the sound of the castanets of street flamenco dancers.

#17Try zapiekanka in KrakowTry zapiekankaTouchstone

Toasted open-faced baguette topped with mushrooms, onion and cheese. Zapiekanka vendors are all around Krakow.

#21Participate in Niagara Falls International Marathon in TorontoParticipate in Niagara Falls International MarathonTouchstone

It starts on October 15 at 9:00 in Buffalo, continues along the Niagara River and ends at the Horseshoe Falls.

CAD 125
#2Go alligator rafting in LivingstoneGo alligator raftingTouchstone

Rafting down the Zambezi is a pretty dangerous activity. If you drop off the boat, you can be delicious meal for crocodiles.

ZMW 1585Zambezi river
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