Make a wish at the pipe chimney monument in Lviv

The pipe chimney will fulfill your most cherished desire, if you throw a coin into his hat.


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Make a wish at the pipe chimney monument

#7 of 20 things to do in Lviv
The monument to the chimney sweep is installed on the roof of the House of Legends in Lviv. Once upon a time, the pipe-collector lived here with his family and, according to legend, he still protects this place. He keeps track of the time and secrets of the city, and also looks at the pavement, in order it would not be stolen, and sometimes he goes to clean the chimneys on his old car, parked directly on the terrace.

Дом легенд, Львов
Photo: House of Legend

But this is not all, because he is capable of fulfilling all the most intimate desires. But not for free - although the price is not high, it isn't easy to pay. Ready to test?

How to do?

1. Go to the House of Legends on the street Staroevreyska, 48.
2. The building has 7 floors, each of which keeps its legend - pass through all of them.
3. Then, climb the roof, sit in the old car of chimney sweeper, rowing with oars, just be careful to not fly away :)
4. Now, come to the monument. He will rise above you. You will see that the chimney sweeper holds his hat. Well, if you want your dream to come true, you need to throw a coin directly into this hat.


Guest20 July 2017

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