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Drink Lviv coffee in Lviv

It is said that coffee is an integral part of Lviv, and it is not surprising, because it is born directly under the feet of local residents.



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Drink Lviv coffee

#7 of 20 things to do in Lviv
Lviv is a sweet smell of chocolate and of course the aroma of tart coffee. Only here, you can see how it is extracted from the ground. In the very center of the city there is a famous coffee mine where the very drink is extracted from a deep mine just below the Rynok Square.

Coffee manufacture, Lviv
Photo: Coffee manufacture

Of course, this is not true, its just a trick for travelers, but when you get a helmet, you go down into the dungeon and see the miners who carry the carts filled with valuable minerals (here the coffee is called so), you start to believe in it.

Coffee manufacture, Lviv
Photo: Coffee manufacture

How to do?

1. Go to Rynok Square 14, here you will find the famous Coffee manufacture.
2. Put on a helmet and descend to the bottom of the earth.
3. After you return order any of the 34 possible variants of coffee beverages.
4. Buy some with you, because you won't find coffee from the deep mines anywhere in the world :)


Guest19 September 2017

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