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Try sandboarding on sand dunesin Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#2of 81 things to doin Dubai

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Do you want to ride a snowboard on sand in summer? Then you should definitely try sandboarding in the desert!
How to try sandboarding on sand dunes in Dubai
Would you like to ride down from high sand dunes on a snowboard (to be more precise, on a sandboard)? Then take a trip to the Dubai Rub' al Khali Desert. Here you can try to conquer wild sand waves.

Photo © Hans Christian Berge

The principle of sandboarding on the sand differs from snowboarding. You need to take into account some technical features of passing bends and landing. The undoubted advantage is the fact that you can skate on the sand at any time of the year and not be afraid of severe frosts or avalanches.

Interesting fact: despite the fact that the speed on a sandboard usually is not as high as on a snowboard, exactly sandboarding holds the highest speed record of 82 km/h.

Photo © Pankaj Sharma

In Dubai you can take a tour around the desert which includes sandboarding. In the city you will find numerous companies that offer day trips to the desert with an opportunity to ride on a snowboard on the sand. However, you are on Oddviser - project about the adventures for independent travelers, so we will tell you how to ride on a sandboard yourself.

How to do?

1. The highest point of the desert is the Great Red Dune. You can get here in an hour.
2. The desert is located in the south of Dubai, so take Hatta Road (E44). It is better to rent a car or take a taxi.
3. At the entrance you need to pay for the ticket (about 295 dirhams per day).
4. Next to the famous Red Dune you will find snowboard (sandboard) rental points.
5. Rise to the highest dune and slide down the sandy slopes. There are no lifts, so you can climb the dune on foot or, for example, on buggies , which are also rented out here.

Where to do?

#6Big Red Sand Dune in DubaiBig Red Sand Dune

The Big Red Dune is about 50 km away from Dubai. It’s one of the ultimate places for sandboarding and extreme jeep off-road driving.

Location: Rub' al Khali desert

When to do?

It is better to go sandboarding in the morning or at sunset - stifling day heat can spoil all the impression of the adventure.

How much?

Sandboard rental costs 100 dirhams per day.

Tips and hints

Take a sunscreen with you not to get sunburned in the desert.

Tours & excursions 2

#15Morning Dubai Desert Safari + Dune BashingMorning Dubai Desert Safari + Dune Bashing

Dubai desert safari is the best among things to do, which can be enjoyed away from the noise of the busy city life.

AED 116+/person
#9Self Drive Desert Safari Dubai + SandboardingSelf Drive Desert Safari Dubai + Sandboarding

Take up a challenge to conquer sands of the Arabian desert behind the wheel of 4D jeep.

AED 1044+/person

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125Burj Khalifa
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In Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary you can see pink flamingos. They proudly walk around the lake, feed among mangroves and nest baby birds.

FREERas Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
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Making a list of souvenirs from Dubai, do not forget to include a box of dates in it. These juicy fruits have a bunch of useful properties, they satisfy hunger and are insanely delicious.

60Spice Souk
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Smoking hookah or shisha in Arabic, is almost a local tradition. You can try it everywhere, so just go ahead and do it!

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In the restaurant Local House you can taste an unusual dish – a camel burger.

45Local House Restaurant
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Take a skydive and see a bird’s-eye view of Palm Jumeirah and get guaranteed high adrenaline. Such adventures leave lifelong memories!

#43Try Umm Ali in DubaiTry Umm Alioddviser

Start the morning in Arabic style with a cup of coffee and a portion of Umm Ali - dessert from baked dough with the addition of raisins, dried fruits and nuts.

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Try manakish, a sort of traditional "Arabic street food” made of pita and melted cheese with lots of herbs.

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Spice Souk
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