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Try sandboarding on sand dunes in Dubai

Snowboard ride down sand dunes. Surprised? Desert in Dubai is an excellent place for such an adventure.


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Try sandboarding on sand dunes

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Would you like to ride across high sand dunes on a snowboard (to be more precise, a sandboard)? Then take a trip to the Dubai Desert Rub' al Khali. It's the place where you can try to ride down wild waves of sand.

The highest point in the desert is the Big Red dune, and you can reach it in just one hour. The desert is located in the south of Dubai, so you have to go on the Hatta Road (E44). At the entrance you'll have to pay for the ticket (around 295 dirhams per day). Next to the Big Red dune you can rent a snowboard. There are no elevators here, so you need to climb the dune by foot or using a buggy, which you can rent here.

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The principle of sandboarding differs from snowboarding. Here you should take into account some of the technical features of turns and landings. The undoubted advantage is that you can sandboard any time of the year.

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Interesting fact: despite the fact that the speed on the sandboard is not as high as on the snowboard, the fastest recorded speed on sandboard is 82 km/h!

In Dubai you can take a tour around the desert which includes sandboarding. In the city you will find numerous companies that offer day trips to the desert with the ability to ride on a sandboard.

Where to do?

Big Red Sand Dune in Dubai
Big Red Sand Dune#7 of 55 places to visit in Dubai

The Big Red Dune is about 50 km away from Dubai. It’s one of the ultimate places for sandboarding and extreme jeep off-road driving.

Location: Rub' al Khali desert

How much?

you need 100 dirhams to rent a snowboard for one day.

Tips and hints

it is better to go to the desert in the morning or at sunset - stifling day heat can spoil all the impression of adventure. And take a sunscreen with you.

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Guest22 July 2017
Valya28 January 2016I've tried sandboarding in Peru, wish to try it in Dubai!

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