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Things to do 23

#6Try Greek salad on CreteTry Greek saladFelicity

Try a simple, but very tasty salad, where the main ingredient is considered to be a real Greek feta, white cheese from sheep's milk.

#1Swing at the edge of the world in BanosSwing at the edge of the worldFelicity

Go speeding on the most extreme swing in Ecuador, just hold on tight. There will be a bottomless abyss under you.

$1Treehouse in Banos
#1See the waterfall from the inside in ReykjavikSee the waterfall from the insideFelicity

Here you can admire one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, as well as even walk behind it!

FREESeljalandsfoss Waterfall
#21Try Dry Martini cocktail in VeniceTry Dry Martini cocktailFelicity

Best martini, according to Hemingway, is in Harry's Bar, and you should try this strong drink.

€20Harry’s Bar
#26Try Prosciutto di Parma in VeniceTry Prosciutto di ParmaFelicity

The real prosciutto you can try only in Italy, eating it with melon, asparagus or white bread.

#37Jump into Tiber river on the 1st of January in RomeJump into Tiber river on the 1st of JanuaryFelicity

How about a new tradition to celebrate the New Year jumping into the cold waters of the Tiber?

FREECavour Bridge
#3Relax in the Szechenyi Bath in BudapestRelax in the Szechenyi BathFelicity

You can relax and rejuvenate in hot baths and pools in one of the largest bathing complexes in Europe.

Ft4700Széchenyi Thermal Bath
#26Ride on the batobus along the Seine in ParisRide on the batobus along the SeineFelicity

A trip on this unusual form of transport — a river bus — is romantic and convenient. You can combine excursion and take a ride among the river.

#2Try limoncello in SicilyTry limoncelloFelicity

Cheer up after long walks through the city, tasting Italian liqueur from small glasses coated with a thin layer of ice.

#13Try panforte in FlorenceTry panforteFelicity

Panforte is a traditional Italian delicacy for Christmas.

#4Visit the British Garrison Cemetery in KandyVisit the British Garrison CemeteryFelicity

Take a stroll around a 200-year cemetery where you can read soldiers' histories carved on the tombstones.

#13See Reykjavík panorama in ReykjavikSee Reykjavík panoramaFelicity

An unusual construction, named «Perlan», will strike you not only with its appearance, but also with a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

#1Take Finnish smoke steam-bath in HelsinkiTake Finnish smoke steam-bathFelicity

Traditional steam-bath will show you to Finnish culture as it is.

€20Nuuksio National Park
#3Conquer Kilimanjaro in ArushaConquer KilimanjaroFelicity

Kilimanjaro is the highest alone standing mount in the world. Climbing the mount takes from 3 to 7 days.

TZS 4500000Kilimanjaro National Park
#6Try brunost in OsloTry brunostFelicity

Norwegian brown cheese that tastes almost like caramelized milk. Norwegians eat it with Lefse flatbread. Whatever supermarket you come in Oslo you'll definitely find brunost.

NOK 57
#10Visit Nimara Cave in MarmarisVisit Nimara CaveFelicity

Mysterious legends and secrets of Nimara cave make all the globetrotters hit not an easy road to explore the place.

Nimara Cave
#4Go windsurfing in CaracasGo windsurfingFelicity

The best time for skillful windsurfers on El Yaque beach is from January till May.

VEF 1500Margarita Island
#6Visit the island of black wizards on ZanzibarVisit the island of black wizardsFelicity

Pemba island is considered to be the centre of black magic in Africa. Ask a local tour operator where to find a shaman.

Pemba island
#16Do yoga at dawn in BaliDo yoga at dawnFelicity

Ubud town is perfect place in Bali to get relaxed and practise meditation. One group yoga class costs about $10, private class at your place - $30-50.

#26Ride a boat amid dolphins in BaliRide a boat amid dolphinsFelicity

Dolphins appear every morning in water area of Lovina Beach. Boats from North coastline run here daily at 6am.

#21Go mud fighting in BaliGo mud fightingFelicity

Balinese people hold Mepantigan in honour of the Goddess of fertility. There are also separate fights for tourists at the rice terraces in the area of Ubud town.

#18Dive to underwater temple in BaliDive to underwater templeFelicity

Go diving in Pemuteran Bay to find 25 Buddhist temples at a depth of 15 meters. You need a diver's license to take the activity.

Rp600000Pemuteran temple
#13Buy Viking helmet in OsloBuy Viking helmetFelicity

Archaeologists say that Vikings wearing horned helmets is nothing more than a legend. But still it is the most recognizable symbol of Norway that you can buy in any souvenir shop.

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