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Take Finnish smoke steam-bathin Helsinki, Finland

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Traditional steam-bath will show you to Finnish culture as it is.
How to take Finnish smoke steam-bath in Helsinki
Traditional Finnish steam-bath is about silence, slight darkness, smell of birch, tar or juniper.

Sauna in Nuuksio National Park, Helsinki
Photo: Sauna in Nuuksio National Park, © Martyn White Designs

Among all the steam-baths in Helsinki there is one that is "black" - while birch wood is burning there is emission of soot and tar smoke - it has an affect of strong natural absorbent for the body.

How to do?

1. Smoke sauna bath is popular among the Finns. It is placed in the Nuuksio National Park right at Kaitlampi Lake. The sauna can seat up to 25 people. You should book it in advance.

Lake near the sauna, Helsinki
Photo: Lake near the sauna

2. Right out of the sauna gate you can jump into ice-cold lake to brace your up. It's better to drink water here, but lots of the Finns prefer cider.

Where to do?

#1Nuuksio National ParkNuuksio National Park

There are 80 lakes in the park that is 30 kilometers northeastward from Helsinki. Here you can go skiing, canoeing, take Finnish bath and stay overnight in a camp spot.

How much?

2,5-hour sauna seance is €395.


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