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What to do in Helsinki —
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13 things to do in Helsinki

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#1Take Finnish smoke steam-bath in HelsinkiTake Finnish smoke steam-bathFelicity

Traditional steam-bath will show you to Finnish culture as it is.

€20Nuuksio National Park
#2Come inside a submarine in HelsinkiCome inside a submarineoddviser

Vesikko submarine that patrolled Finnish coastline during the World War II turned into a museum in 1973. In is open on May - September from 11 am till 6pm.

€5Suomenlinna fortress
#3Try lohikeitto in HelsinkiTry lohikeittoklia balo

The creamy salmon soup is made from potato, leek, carrot, salmon and also they add spices. You can try it in restaurants around Helsinki.

#4Try sima drink in HelsinkiTry sima drinkoddviser

Sparkling drink made from yeast with honey and lemon - it is a symbol of the incoming of spring in Finland.

#5Try Runeberg torte in HelsinkiTry Runeberg torteoddviser

Dessert made of almond and rum with raspberry jam inside and topped with sugar icing. It is prepared in confectioneries.

#6Try Salmiakki in HelsinkiTry Salmiakkioddviser

Finnish liqueur is made of 38% Koskenkorva vodka and essence of salty licorice. In Helsinki the bottle of Salmiakki costs about €12.

#7Try karelian pasty in HelsinkiTry karelian pastyoddviser

Traditional Finnish open pasty made from rye flour. It is usually stuffed with rice or potato and carrot. You can try it in cafes or buy in supermarkets.

#8Try venison in HelsinkiTry venisonoddviser

You can order raw smoked and roasted venison with red bilberry sauce in restaurants of Finnish cuisine. One portion with garnish costs €20.

#9Try minttu in HelsinkiTry minttuoddviser

Finnish alcohol drink with mint flavour - the liquor has 40-50 ABV. The Finnish drink it with coffee or melted chocolate. You can try it in any bar or buy in a supermarket.

#10Have sauna in Sky Wheel cabin in HelsinkiHave sauna in Sky Wheel cabinoddviser

The only Ferris wheel sauna in the world can seat 4 people. The price is €240 per hour - it includes beverages and towels.

€240Sky Wheel
#11Try black ice-cream in HelsinkiTry black ice-creamoddviser

Pop into a supermarket to buy an ice-cream made of salty licorice with woody coal.

#12Hear the sound of the wind in HelsinkiHear the sound of the windoddviser

Unusual construction doesn't just look like a pipe organ, it actually functions like one. Come here when the whether is windy and hear steel pipes and wind tandem producing music.

FREESibelius Monument
#13Follow the gnome's trail in HelsinkiFollow the gnome's trailoddviser

Take the map of the gnome's trail in the fortress' information center. Follow it any day from Dec, 2 till Jan, 7 and get the prize. On Dec, 24-25 the gate to the trail is closed.

FREESuomenlinna fortress
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