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Nimara Cavein Marmaris, Turkey

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Nimara Cave is a mysterious and secret place that found its shelter on Paradize island - far from civilisation and human beings.
Nimara Cave, Marmaris
Nimara Cave is silence, forest smell and absence of people. The legend says that it used to be a place where people worshiped nymph Leto. They even say that kind of sacrifice happened here.

Now the cave is more like to grot with stones collapsed at the entrance and hanging stalactites.

Nimara Cave, Marmaris
Photo: Nimara Cave

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#10Visit Nimara Cave in MarmarisVisit Nimara CaveFelicity

Mysterious legends and secrets of Nimara cave make all the globetrotters hit not an easy road to explore the place.

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Location: Cennet Island
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Guest25 February 2024

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