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What to see in Marmaris —
7 places to visit

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7 places to visit in Marmaris

#1Alley of loveAlley of love

The alley of love is a mysterious grove of eucalyptus trees, shrouded by local legends that claim that a walk here will help to strengthen your love.

#3Icmeler resortIcmeler resort

You can escape from the tourist bustle of Marmaris to the quiet harbor of Icmeler, in 8 km away, with mineral springs, dense greenery and crystal clear beach.

#2Archaeological Park of Yuleik in MarmarisArchaeological Park of Yuleik

If you overpowered the desire to see the ancient ruins in Marmaris, you will not have to search long, the excavations of the old city are conducted in the very center.

#4Nimara Cave in MarmarisNimara Cave

Nimara Cave is a mysterious and secret place that found its shelter on Paradize island - far from civilisation and human beings.

#5Sedir IslandSedir Island

The island, once presented by Marcus Aurelius to Cleopatra, is covered with , unusual sand from the Cambrian fritty clams hollow inside.

#6Bozburun townBozburun town

The village is located in a quiet harbor in the Aegean Sea. Yachtsman often reach here for dinner or to repair their yachts.

#7Paradise Island in MarmarisParadise Island

Paradise island is located to the south of Marmaris. It is a tandem of fabulous blue sea and picturesque pine forest.

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