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Archaeological Park of Yuleikin Marmaris, Turkey

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If you overpowered the desire to see the ancient ruins in Marmaris, you will not have to search long, the excavations of the old city are conducted in the very center.
Archaeological Park of Yuleik, Marmaris
The Park of Archeology or "Rocks of Well-being", is located in the heart of the city of Marmaris. Here you can see the ruins of the ancient city, several huge amphorae and vessels dated from the IV century and walk along the foundation of old houses and shops.

A pleasant surprise is that it offers a beautiful view of the city, its surroundings, the bay and the coastal zone. And all the rocks are covered with flowering cacti with fruits, which you can taste if you want to.

Archaeological Park of Yuleik on the map

Location: in the center of the city, behind a new square with a dancing fountain.

Open hours

Works round the clock.
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Guest02 December 2023

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