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Go windsurfingin Caracas, Venezuela

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The best time for skillful windsurfers on El Yaque beach is from January till May.
How to go windsurfing in Caracas
El Yaque beach on Margarita island is one of the world's most popular spot to go kiting and windsurfing. Almost all year round thermic sidewind is blowing here (from east to west) and there are no high/low tides.

Kite and windsurfers ride separately, Caracas
Photo: Kite and windsurfers ride separately

Coastline of El Yaque beach stretches for 400 meters. Public beach is separated by quay.

How to do?

1. El Yaque beach is located in the village of the same name in the north part of Margarita island - a 10-minute drive from Santiago Marino Airport in Porlamar. Flight from Caracas to Margarita island lasts 35 minutes, one-way ticket costs $50. Regular flights run from the early morning till 8pm. Old-ferry travels take about 4 hours and new-ferry - about 2 hours. Ferry to the island departs from La Cruz Port daily at 7am, 6pm; ferries back - at 10am, 9pm.

2. You can rent a sail and a board at any rental spot on the beach. Take a safety rope, life-jacket, gloves and special footwear, suit, sunscreen. Wind gets stronger from 10am and goes down at 7-6pm.

Where to do?

#4Margarita IslandMargarita Island

The island in the Caribbean Sea. You can get here for 40 minutes by plane from Caracas to the airport in Porlamar. El Yaque beach in the island is one of the best spot in the world for windsurfing and kiting.

When to do?

The best time the activities - from January till May. For new-comers - during autumn time - wind isn't so strong.

How much?

One-way plane ticket is $50.
Ferry travel - $23 per person. You have to pay extra for your vehicle ferry: $39 for passenger car and $49 for jeep, minivan or lorry.
Accomodation rent starts at $80 per 24 hours for twin room.
Sail and board rent starts at $150 for a week.


Guest18 May 2024

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