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Take a ride over the cite in a cable way cabinin Caracas, Venezuela

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Cable way runs over El Avila National Park at a height of 1100 meters.
How to take a ride over the cite in a cable way cabin in Caracas
Cable way was constructed during the presidency of Jiménez and named after tribe that used to live at the bottom of Avila mountain - Warairarepano.

Cabins of "telepherique" (Spanish for cable way) go up at the height of more than 1000 meters - perfect way to admire the view of Caracas valley.

Teleferico view, Caracas
Photo: Teleferico view, © JR2V | Flickr

How to do?

1. Teleferico Warairarepano departure station is placed at El Ávila National Park at the intersection of Av. Principal de Mariperez and Av. Boyaca. The cabins can seat up to 8 people and 3,5-kilometer distance over the park is covered for 15-20 minutes. The arrival station is at the top of Avila Mountain (2740 mountains).

2. Mountain overlooks the Caribbean Sea and Caracas Valley. In the morning hours skating rink and souvenir stalls are open, in the afternoon hours cafes and restaurants greet visitors.

Where to do?

#2El Avila National ParkEl Avila National Park

The park occupying about 200 square kilometers is located in the northern part of Venezuela. Warairarepano cable-railway is one of the main entertainments here. The park is open from 11am till 7:30pm, the price starts at Bs 60.

When to do?

From Tuesday till Thursday - 9am-7pm, on Fridays, Saturdays - till 9pm, on Sundays - till 8pm. Ticket desk starts working 30 minutes before, and closes at 5pm.

Monday is a day off.

How much?

Cable way tickets for adults - Bs100, for 4-12-year-old children, students and people over 60 - Bs40; for children under 4 - free.

Tips and hints

Children under 18 are allowed only accompanied by adults.


Guest19 June 2024

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