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Conquer Kilimanjaroin Arusha, Tanzania

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Kilimanjaro is the highest alone standing mount in the world. Climbing the mount takes from 3 to 7 days.
How to conquer Kilimanjaro in Arusha
Mount Kilimanjaro has three hills - Shira (3962 meters), Mawenzi (5149 meters) and Kibo (5895 meters). Conquering Kilimanjaro means climbing Kibo hill with its highest point at Uhuru peak.

Kilimanjaro climbing, Arusha
Photo: Kilimanjaro climbing, © Follow Alice

How to do?

1. Northern and southern Kibo slopes are covered with ice, and the bottom - with tropical jungles. Duration of the climbing depends on the level of your alpinism skills - tough itinerary takes 7 days and easier one - 10-14 days. Climbing Kilimanjaro on your own is forbidden. Each group (6-10 people) is accompanied by a few guides, porters (they can carry things not heavier than 15 kilos) and cooks to prepare food for the group during climbing. At the end of the itinerary you should leave tips (about $100 from a person) for servicemen.

Check points on the way to summit, Arusha
Photo: Check points on the way to summit, © Uncornered Market

2. Conquering Africa's top starts at the gates of Kilimanjaro national park - Marangu Gate. Here you'll get a permission to enter the territory of the preserve and get acquainted with guide team. First 18-kilometer trekking is from Machame Gate (1490 meters) to the first overnight spot, Machame camp (2980 meters). Next day you'll have to walk another 4 hours to the next camp Shira at a height of 3840 meters, then you'll have some free time in the middle of green fields. The third day - 15-kilometer trek to the main camp Barranco (3950 meters), it is in the middle of the itinerary.

Baranco Camp on the height of 3950 meters above the sea level, Arusha
Photo: Baranco Camp at a height of 3950 meters above sea level, © Follow Alice

3. From Barranco camp to Uhuru peak you'll have to spend another 2 days going up. Climbing Kilimanjaro Mount is at night to reach the top early in the morning to greet the dawn over Africa here.

Sunrise over Kilimanjaro, Arusha
Photo: Sunrise over Kilimanjaro

In the morning each conqueror of Uhuru peak get certificate

Where to do?

#2Kilimanjaro National ParkKilimanjaro National Park

The park is situated at the Kenya border, 128 kilometers northward from Arusha. It harbours about 140 kinds of mammals and 179 kinds of birds; considerable part of animals here are endangered.

When to do?

The best time to conquer Kilimanjaro is dry season - from the middle of December till the middle of March and from July till September.

How much?

The cost of arranged climbing (about $2000) includes guide service and guiding staff, staying in hotels with breakfast, camping, return transfer, meal on the way between camp spots, permission to enter the territory of the park.

The cost doesn't include flight to Kilimanjaro airport and visa ($50).

Tips and hints

• 10 days before climbing get yellow fever vaccination and take proving certificate with you.
• grab some $1-20 cash and malaria pills (take them as a precaution).
• guides and porters gladly take presents like clothes, footwear, backpacks (even if they're a little worn).


Guest21 July 2024

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#6Hear volcano's roar in ArushaHear volcano's roaroddviser

While Ol Doinyo Lengai erupting, the earth is trembling in Tanzania and Kenya. At all other times you need to reach the crater's top to hear the lava boiling.

Ol Doinyo Lengai
#4See the Great African Migration in ArushaSee the Great African Migrationoddviser

Millions of wildebeests and zebras move through Ngorongoro crater during rain season.

135000Ngorongoro conservation area
#5Spot the Big five game in ArushaSpot the Big five gameAnna Tet

Elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard are main trophy of African hunting safari.

225000Serengeti national park
#7Take a hot-air balloon ride over savannah in ArushaTake a hot-air balloon ride over savannahAnna Tet

Hot-air balloon fly over savannah at a height of 10-12 meters.

1000000Serengeti national park
#1Visit Datooga tribe in ArushaVisit Datooga tribeoddviser

More than 80 000 people of Datooga tribe inhabit North Tanzania. Their main settlements are placed at Lake Eyasi.

90000Lake Eyasi
#2See Maasai tribe dancing in ArushaSee Maasai tribe dancingAnna Tet

Maasai men makes young warriors at the age of 15 jump to check if they are strong enough to defend the tribe.

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