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See Maasai tribe dancingin Arusha, Tanzania

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Maasai men makes young warriors at the age of 15 jump to check if they are strong enough to defend the tribe.
How to see Maasai tribe dancing in Arusha
Maasai tribes migrated to Tanzania from the Nile bay in Sudan. Most of them - about 500 000 people - inhabit the northern part of the country.

Maasai traditionally wear red tunic and hold a spear at the ready, Arusha
Photo: Maasai traditionally wear red tunic and hold a spear at the ready

Maasai men are known for their warlike character, but their main activity is cattle grazing. They spend free time talking and wandering around savanna. Women bear all mundane tasks: raising children, preparing food, carrying water and even building houses.

The main food of maasai is meat, milk and also cows' and goats' blood. When they are run out of their own cattle, maasai feel free to steal from other tribes - they believe Gods left all the flocks and herds on the planet for maasai as for specially beloved.

Maasai women wear bead jewelry, Arusha
Photo: Maasai women wear bead jewelry, © Hugh Smith

Jewellery is considered to be an important attribute of the tribe. At the age of 7-8 children get their ears pierced with a shatter of a horn and then a hole in the lobe is widen with a piece of wood. The more jewellery stretches down lobes the more attractive and respected a person is.

How to do?

1. Maasai tribe inhabits savanna at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro and on the territory of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Huts of the tribe are not visible from a distance as they are only 1,5 meters high. To find the way to the tribe's settlement, hire a guide in Arusha.

Maasai village, Arusha
Photo: Maasai village, © Wouter van der Wiel

2. Maasai village consists of 5-7 thatched huts, fenced with thorn-bush stakewall to protect from leopard and hyena attack. If you want to get in the village, you have to pay $50 to the tribe elder. Competitions between young warriors starts about nightfall and continuous to the sunset - each of them tries to jump as high as he can to prove agility and possibility to protect the tribe.

Maasai jumping, Arusha
Photo: Maasai jumping, © Tiffany Lindsley

3. You can arrange with locals about staying overnight to see the tribe do their daily routine. In the morning they'll show you their school.

Tips and hints

Going to the tribe grab some presents for children, and a bottle of strong alcoholic drink for the chief.


Guest19 May 2024

More things to do in Arusha

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#3Conquer Kilimanjaro in ArushaConquer KilimanjaroFelicity

Kilimanjaro is the highest alone standing mount in the world. Climbing the mount takes from 3 to 7 days.

4500000Kilimanjaro National Park
#4See the Great African Migration in ArushaSee the Great African Migrationoddviser

Millions of wildebeests and zebras move through Ngorongoro crater during rain season.

135000Ngorongoro conservation area
#7Take a hot-air balloon ride over savannah in ArushaTake a hot-air balloon ride over savannahAnna Tet

Hot-air balloon fly over savannah at a height of 10-12 meters.

1000000Serengeti national park
#1Visit Datooga tribe in ArushaVisit Datooga tribeoddviser

More than 80 000 people of Datooga tribe inhabit North Tanzania. Their main settlements are placed at Lake Eyasi.

90000Lake Eyasi
#5Spot the Big five game in ArushaSpot the Big five gameAnna Tet

Elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard are main trophy of African hunting safari.

225000Serengeti national park
#6Hear volcano's roar in ArushaHear volcano's roaroddviser

While Ol Doinyo Lengai erupting, the earth is trembling in Tanzania and Kenya. At all other times you need to reach the crater's top to hear the lava boiling.

Ol Doinyo Lengai
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