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Take a hot-air balloon ride over savannahin Arusha, Tanzania

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Hot-air balloon fly over savannah at a height of 10-12 meters.
How to take a hot-air balloon ride over savannah in Arusha
Hot-air balloon flight over the Serengeti National Park is popular during "green season" - from November till June - in the evenings it is time of steady rains and in the mornings all the nature around becomes fresh and green.

During this period the Great African Migration occurs here - hundreds of thousands of wildebeests and zebras move through savannah seeking for new grazing fields. It is a little more pleasant to watch this phenomenon from the height rather than follow the animals in a jeep with a fear to scare them away.

Hot air ballooning over Serengeti, Arusha

How to do?

1. You can book online a flight in a hot-air balloon over savannah from tour agents or right on the spot - in a lodge or at the park entrance (minimum 2-3 days before). On the day of the trip you'll be taken at about 4:30am - pick-up is early to avoid heat, possible rains and also to greet the dawn over savannnah.

A balloon basket holds up to 16 people, Arusha
Photo: A balloon basket holds up to 16 people

2. The flight lasts about one hour (depending on speed of wind). The price includes breakfast on the territory in the open air.

Breakfast in Serengeti park, Arusha

Where to do?

#1Serengeti national park in MwanzaSerengeti national park

Biospheric reserve in the north Tanzania that occupies more than 14 000 square kilometers is a huge ecosystem where more than 3 million wild animals live.

Official website: http://www.serengeti.org/

When to do?

The weather in Serengeti enables to arrange flights almost every day. The most exciting air safari is during the migration of wildebeests through Serengeti park - from March till June, and also in November-December.

How much?

The price of the flight including national tax on flights over the conversational area - $500 (prices can be different in different providers).

Tips and hints

Children under 7 are not allowed to take the flight.
Average acceptable weight of a passenger is 80 kilos. People with weight over 120 kilos have to pay double tariff.
Take a light jacket, bucket hat, camera and binocular. It is allowed to take light backpack on board.
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Guest19 May 2024

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#5Spot the Big five game in ArushaSpot the Big five gameAnna Tet

Elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard are main trophy of African hunting safari.

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#3Conquer Kilimanjaro in ArushaConquer KilimanjaroFelicity

Kilimanjaro is the highest alone standing mount in the world. Climbing the mount takes from 3 to 7 days.

4500000Kilimanjaro National Park
#2See Maasai tribe dancing in ArushaSee Maasai tribe dancingAnna Tet

Maasai men makes young warriors at the age of 15 jump to check if they are strong enough to defend the tribe.

#4See the Great African Migration in ArushaSee the Great African Migrationoddviser

Millions of wildebeests and zebras move through Ngorongoro crater during rain season.

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#1Visit Datooga tribe in ArushaVisit Datooga tribeoddviser

More than 80 000 people of Datooga tribe inhabit North Tanzania. Their main settlements are placed at Lake Eyasi.

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#6Hear volcano's roar in ArushaHear volcano's roaroddviser

While Ol Doinyo Lengai erupting, the earth is trembling in Tanzania and Kenya. At all other times you need to reach the crater's top to hear the lava boiling.

Ol Doinyo Lengai
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