Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill in Rome

There is a terrace where you can enjoy a splendid view of the city - Rome will appear in front of you if it were on the palm of your hand.


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Admire Rome from the Aventine Hill

#5 of 45 things to do in Rome
Place: Aventine Hill in Rome, Italy

On the Aventine hill, at the end of a magnificent orange garden is the terrace with the perfect panorama of the Eternal City. This place is considered to be one of the secret attractions.

Come here early in the morning, and you will see Rome the way it's not known for others.

Aventine Hill on the map

Aventine Hill
Aventine Hill#4 of 27 places to visit in Rome

Aventine Hill is one of the seven Rome hills, the observation deck with the beautiful panorama and the perfect place for the evening walk.



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Go down to Temple of Mithras into the basement of the ancient basilica and knelt before the deity consent and sunlight :)

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Riding a Vespa in Rome in Rome
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Try the origin pizza in Rome
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You should definitely try pizza in Italy - because it is completely different from the one that is prepared at your homeland.

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Feed the seagulls near the Tiber in Rome
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Roman seagulls are legendary birds, they are proudspirited, impudent and totally not afraid of anything - especially to take food from the hands.

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Visit the most strange place in Rome - the crypt where you will see skeletons of monks of this church.

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Try scamorza cheese in Rome
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"Headless" or "hanged cheese" - epithets are awarded to the famous sсamorza, which is more than 100 years.

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Climb the Janiculum hill in Rome
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Try tiramisu in Rome
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Try an authentic Italian dessert in its homeland, where it is prepared according to a special recipe from coffee, savoiardi cookies and mascarpone.

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Touch the Mouth of Truth in Rome
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Let ancient god decide your fate - put your hand in the mouth of the stone deity and check yourself in the medieval "lie detector"!

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When you visit Nicole Piccolomini street you can see the unusual optical illusion with the St. Peter's Cathedral!

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