See the illusion of St. Peter's dome in Rome

When you visit Nicole Piccolomini street you can see the unusual optical illusion with the St. Peter's Cathedral!


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See the illusion of St. Peter's dome

#4 of 45 things to do in Rome
Place: Nicolo Piccolomini street in Rome, Italy

Visit in the evening the street Nicolò Piccolomini, where you can clearly see the dome of St. Peter. Here you can see the unusual optical illusion worthy of the magician or illusionist. When approaching the cathedral dome it will move away from you, and at a distance - closer. The faster you move - the more pronounced the effect.

You should definitely see this by your own eyes :)

Nicolo Piccolomini street on the map

Nicolo Piccolomini street
Nicolo Piccolomini street#2 of 27 places to visit in Rome

In Rome you can find unusual Nicolo Piccolomini street, about which not so many travelers know.



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